Entry Requirements
i. Mean grade of C+ (Plus) at KCSE or equivalent with at least C+ (Plus) in Art and Design
or Home Science or any one science subject.
ii. OR Mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or equivalent with a Diploma of at least credit pass in Fashion Design or Clothing from a recognized institution.
iii. OR Mean grade of C- at KCSE and progressed from certificate to Diploma Animal Health/Agricultural/Medical Laboratory Technology from an Institution approved by Senate.

Unit Code and Title

Level 100

UCU 100: Communication Skills
UCU 103: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
UCU 104: Entrepreneurship
HFD 100: Introduction to Textiles
HFD 101: Principles of Art & Design
HFD 102: Introduction to Clothing Construction
HFD103: Pattern Drafting
HFD 104: Laundry and Care of Textile Products HFD 105: Introduction to I.T. and CAD for Textiles AAD 100: Introduction to Drawing
AAD 101: Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design
AAD 102: Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design

Level 200
HFD 200: Socio-Cultural & Psychological aspects of Clothing
HFD 201: Pattern Grading
HFD 202: Principles of Clothing Construction
HFD 203: Drawing and Illustration
HFD 204: Flat pattern design I
HFD 205: Clothing for Special Groups AAD 200: Art Design Appreciation I AAD 201: Drawing 1
AAD 204: Graphic Design 1 – Design Fundamentals
AAD 208: Fabric Design 1 – Introduction to African fabric Decoration
AAD 209: Fabric Design 2 – Surface Decoration
AAD 210: Weaving 1 – Historical Development of Weaving Process

Level 300
HCU 300: Introduction to Research Methods
HCU 301: Introductory Statistics
HFD 300: Home Furnishing and Interior Design HFD 302: Survey of Textile and Clothing Industry HFD 304: Flat pattern Design II
HFD 305: Tailoring Techniques
HFD 306: Fashion Product Development
HFD 307: Fashion Merchandising
HFD 308: Textile Performance Testing
HFD 309: History and Conservation of Textile and Costume
HFD 310: Studio and Workshop Presentation I HFD 311: Practicum
HFD 312: Fashion Marketing I

Level 400
HCU 400: Project Design Monitoring and Evaluation
HFD 401: Entrepreneurship in Fashion Design and Marketing

HFD 403: Industrial Internship
HFD 404: Computer Application in Textile
HFD 405: Seminar in Contemporary Issues in the Textile Industry
HFD 406: Modelling Techniques
HFD 407: Garment Design by Draping HFD 408: Experimental Apparel Design HFD 409: Fashion Marketing 2
HFD 410: Apparel Accessories
HFD 411: Quality Control
HFD 412: Studio and Workshop Presentation II

Bachelor of Education (Home Economics)
HTS 100: Introduction to Textiles
HTS 202: Principles of Clothing Construction HTS 300: Home Furnishing and Interior Design HTS 301: Pattern Drafting
HTS 415: Laundry and Care of Textile Products

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