• A training session on data collection for a sports biomecanics collaboration research project

  • Delegates at the International Symposium on “Partnership in Sports and Development for Tomorrow” -March 2020

  • Department of Physical and Health Education Staff Members

  • Empowerment and confidence building through regular workshops

  • Extra training to boost career development

  • International Research Symposium participants -June 2019

  • Learning Sports with Fun

  • Partnering with International Institutions to enhance training and research

  • Research Training Workshop Participants -June 2019

 Entry Requirements

The common regulations for all Master’s Degrees in the University shall apply.

A holder of a First Class or an Upper Second first degree or its equivalent in a relevant discipline shall be considered. Graduates of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science or Recreation and Sports Management as well as those in related fields such as Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition and Special Education shall be considered.

Holders of a relevant Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Administration and Management of Kenyatta University or any other recognized University shall be eligible for admissions to the programme while holders of a Post Graduate Diploma in related disciplines may also be considered.

Duration and Pattern of Study

The Master’s degree shall extend over a minimum period of 18 months.

The degree shall be offered by Coursework, Examination and Thesis.

The coursework shall include lectures, field experiences, practicals, seminar reports and case studies as required in the synopses of particular units.

During the first year of study, students will take ten (10) units.

In the second year of study, students will undertake research work, prepare and present theses for examination.

Program Structure

Academic year

Year 1

Year 2


No. of Units





Sem 1

Sem 2



Unit loads





Course Units

Core units

Unit Code: Title

Sem 1

Sem 2


HCU 800: Research Methods




HCU 801: Statistics




HES 800: Applied Exercise Physiology




HES 801: Nutrition for Exercise and Sports




HES 802: Applied Therapeutic Modalities in Exercise and Sports




HES 803: Laboratory Methods in Human Movement and Performance




HES 804: Exercise in Chronic Diseases




HES 805: Advanced Sports and Exercise Psychology




HES 812: Thesis




NOTE: Each Year Group to take similar electives because of the minimum quorum required for a class. Thus not all units are on offer at any given time


HES 806: Pharmacology in Sport and Exercise




HES 807: Exercise and Sports in Disability




HES 808: Sports Performance & Ergogenic Aids




HES 809: Prevention and Management of Athletes’ Medical Conditions




HES 810: Health and Exercise Physiology Practicum







Department of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science


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