Fashion Design and Marketing

The FDM programme offers high quality and dynamic training focusing on fashion design, apparel production, quality control and technical skills to enhance local and international trade in textile products. It is designed to assist individuals to become self reliant by training them for self-employment and diverse opportunities in the textile industry. Our dynamic and proactive approach in reviewing our programmes puts us at the forefront in meeting market demand.

The department held a successful fashion show in December 2012. This was a premier show that enabled FDM students to showcase their end of semester projects to the public and various stakeholders in the Fashion Design and Marketing industry.The FDM department is also currently involved in curriculum development in partnership with various institutions of higher learning and industry players.

We are committed to being the Department of choice, providing you with world class training and research opportunities that are market driven and able to meet the challenges of today's community and economy.

Career Opportunities
Fashion Design and Marketing graduates will find employment:

  • Fashion Houses
  • Fashion Sales Personnel
  • Garment Industries
  • Fashion Stylist/ Costume Designers
  • Teaching in Fashion Design Colleges
  • Fashion Illustrators
  • Interior Design Firms
  • Fashion Journalists
  • Self Employment Enterprises
  • Fashion Managers/Marketers
  • Textile Industries
  • Research Scientists
  • Jewelry Designers
  • Image Consultants

Internal  Links
Our teaching programmes are multidisciplinary and you will have the opportunity of studying units in other departments such as:

  • Art and Design

Research Activities
Main Thematic areas of Research

  • Fashion Design
  • Textile Science
  • EMarketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Entrepreneurship

Academic Staff and Specialisations
On enrolling in our department you will be taught by a qualified and committed team of 13 staff members. These lecturers comprise 1 Professors, 6 PhD holders, and 6 Masters holders on staff development here and abroad. The department aims to have all the staff attaining doctoral status in the next few years. The staff members have degrees in the following areas of specialisation:

  • Fashion Design
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Textile Science
  • Community Resource Management
  • Fine Art
  • Home Economics Education

Study Mode and duration

  • The department offers full-time and school-based modes of study.
  • All the undergraduate programmes are 4-year degree programmes where students enroll for between 5 and 7 units each semester.

Postgraduate Students Research and Taught Units :Study mode and duration
The Masters in Fashion Design and Marketing degree programme is done by coursework, examination and thesis. The programme  takes a minimum of 18 months. Students pursuing it, take a minimum of 11 units. The 1st year of study is spent on course work and examination. In their second year, students undertaking MSc. by coursework, examination and thesis  concentrate on their research work. PhD students undertake their studies by thesis only.


The department has 2 clothing and textiles labs. You will also have access to reference materials in the resource library that is housed in the department for student and staff use.

Student Profiles

Fresh high school graduates choose our department to gain hands-on experience in the theory and practice of Fashion Design studies. Entrepreneurs seeking to boost their academic qualifications by enrolling fulltime in our SSP programme.




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