Conferences/seminars/ workshops

  • September 2019 Peter Chege Agri nutrition from research perspective Safari Park KAVES/ NHP - PLUS / USAID
  • May 2019 Peter Chege Micronutrient and microbial quality assessment of solar dried amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus) leaves produced in Kajiado County Kenya 1st International Food Safety Conference-Kenyatta University GAIN
  • April 2018 Peter Chege Impact evaluation report accelerated value chain development project
    ILRI campus AVCD
  • March 2018 Peter Chege Forms of disabilities and associated challenges among adults in Nakuru County, Kenya Egerton university KU
  • November 2017,Peter Chege,Household food security and dietary diversity of children in relation to seasonality among pastoralists in Semi-arid areas: A case of Kajiado County, Kenya,KCB – Karen conference center,KAVES/ NHP - PLUS
  • November 2017,Peter Chege:Do food consumption patterns affect the link between agriculture and optimal nutrition? A case of Nairobi City County,KCB – Karen conference center KAVES/ NHP - PLUS
  • October 2017,Peter Chege:Health and nutrition related challenges associated with people living with disabilities in Nakuru County, Kenya,Buneos Aires, Argentina ,IUNS/Kenyatta University
  • October 2017,Peter Chege:Effects of seasonality on household food security andfood consumption patterns of pastoralist’s children in Kajiado County, Kenya.Buneos Aires, Argentina IUNS/Kenyatta University
  • September 2017,Peter Chege:Culture, dietary practices and nutrition status of pastoralist children, Kenya. Shenyang, China BIT/ Kenyatta University
  • July 2017,Peter Chege: Relationship between energy intake, physical activity level and presence of non-communicable diseases among adults in Nairobi County, Kenya Regensburg Germany Movement and Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • April 2017,Peter Chege:Validation workshop for the Agri-nutrition resource manual Maanzoni Lodge- Machakoes,NHP plus
  • November 2016,Peter Chege:Socio-economic profile and household food security among people living with disability in Nakuru County, Kenya.Kenya School of Government Kenya,Kenyatta University
  • November 2016,Willy Kiboi/ Peter Chege:Role of Dietary Diversity in Ensuring Adequate Nutrient Intake and Nutritional Status among Pregnant Women. Findings from Laikipia County, Kenya .Kenya School of Government Kenya,Kenyatta University
  • October 2016,Peter Chege:Prevalence of dual burden of malnutrition and lifestyle diseases among adults living with disability in Nakuru county, Kenya.Marakech, Morocco,Kenyatta University
  • October 2016,Peter Chege:Drying vegetables to bridge the seasonal gap. A case of solar dried amaranth leaves in Kajiado county, Kenya.Marakech, Morocco,Kenyatta University
  • November 2015:Peter Chege:Opportunities and Limitations of Using Food Composition Tables in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics in Kenya; Experience of Nutritionists,Hyderabad, India,Kenyatta University
  • October 2015,Peter Chege:Use of a culturally acceptable food product to bridge micronutrient intake gap among pastoralists children in Kenya, 1st Global Conference on Patient Centered Care,Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya    Kenyatta University
  • May 2015,Peter Chege:Adequacy of vitamin A, iron and zinc in diets consumed by pastoralist’s children aged 6-59 months in arid areas of Kenya,Arusha, Tanzania,Kenyatta University
  • May 2015,Peter Chege:Expressing breast milk; opportunities and constraint among working lactating mothers in Nairobi, Kenya Arusha, Tanzania,Kenyatta University
  • May 2015,Peter Chege:Prevalence and determinants of exclusive breast feeding in Nyeri County, Kenya,Arusha, Tanzania,Kenyatta University
  • November 2014,Peter Chege:Use of GIS in nutrition research,Dar-es-salam Tanzania,Kenyatta University
  • August 2014,Peter Chege:Reconciling Optifood and Propan tools in nutrition assessment    Geneva, Switzer land,USAID
  • June 2014,Peter Chege:Influence of Maasai culture on dietary practices among children under five years in Kajiado, Kenya,Accra, Ghana,Kenyatta University
  • July 2014,Peter Chege:Determinants of the food consumption patterns of children under five years in Kajiado county,Addis Ababa – Ethiopia,Kenyatta University
  • July 2014,Peter Chege: Modification of local diets could fill gaps in B-vitamin intakes but calcium, iron, and zinc intake gaps require external solutions for breastfed children in rural Kenya,Addis Ababa – Ethiopia    Kenyatta University
  • September 2013,Peter Chege: Efficacy of dried amaranth leaves on vitamin A, iron and zinc among children under five among Maasai pastoralist in Kajiado County    Granada , Spain, 2013    
  • December 2012,Peter Chege:The effect of climate change on food security    Nairobi /Kenya    
  • May 2012,Peter Chege:Nutrient content of dried amaranth leaves    Nairobi /Kenya    
  • February 2009,Peter Chege:A comparative study on dietary practices and nutritional status among children living with HIV/AIDs in Kibera slum, Nairobi , Kenya,Nairobi /Kenya,Kenyatta University
  • December 2009,Peter Chege:Nutrition implications of post election violence in Rift Valley Province,UNICEF/ Nairobi, Kenya,UNICEF

Seminars/ workshops

  • Jan 2017,Peter Chege:Vitamin A supplementation and deworming Gelian hotel - Machakoes,MI/MAP
  • Sept 2016,Peter Chege :Workshop for qualitative data analysis using NVIVO Harare - Zimbabwe Datalyst Africa
  • January 2016,Peter Chege:Workshop for developing Food Composition Tables for Kenya Gelian-Machakos _ Kenya,KARLO/UNFAO
  • December 2015,Peter Chege:Food composition table training ,FAO- Kenya,KARLO
  • November 2015,Peter Chege:Biostatistics in nutrition training     Hyderabad, India,Kenyatta University
  • November 2015,Peter Chege:Food biodiversity seminar,Hyderabad, India,Kenyatta University
  • October 2015,Peter Chege:Strategic management in public universities,Jomo Kenyatta University,Jomo Kenyatta University
  • August 2014,Peter Chege:Use of Optifood and Propan tools Geneva, Switzerland,Kenyatta University
  • June  2015,Peter Chege:Contribution of neglected and underutilized species (NUS) of plants to food security, income generation, better nutrition and climate change resilience -Nairobi University, Kenya,Kenyatta University
  • November  2015    Peter Chege:Ethnographic and Optifood workshop on complementary feeding among Children 6-23 Months in ASAL Kenya (USAID / GAIN)    Nairobi University, Kenya,Kenyatta University
  • June  2014,Peter Chege:Food and nutrition in children- department of Paediatrics,Kenyatta University,USAID
  • June 2014,Peter Chege:Training of trainers course on use of smart board in teaching,Kenyatta University    Kenyatta University
  • November 2014,Peter Chege:Use of GIS in nutrition survey,Dar es salaam University, Kenya,Kenyatta University
  • September 2013,Peter Chege:Climate change, food security, disaster reduction and resilience,Nairobi University, Kenya,Kenyatta University
  • May  2013,Peter Chege:Nutritional data management,Makerere University, Uganda    Makerere University,
  • 17th December,2012,Peter Chege:SMART for ENA methodology,United Nations    United Nations
  • 4th May 2012,Peter Chege:Child rights and protection seminar,United Nations,United Nations
  • February 2009,Peter Chege:Human Resource Management,United Nations,United Nations
  • December 2009,Peter Chege:Positive Deviance Hearth concept,World Vision Canada    World Vision
  • April 2007,Peter Chege:Disaster preparedness, response and mitigation,World Vision Kenya,World Vision Kenya
  • March 2006,Peter Chege:Nutrition management in HIV,Ministry of Health, Kenya    
  • June 1998,Peter Chege:Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA),Egerton University  

News and Events

35th and 36th Graduation Ceremonies

The School has also realized an increase in the number of graduands of Master of Science candidates. During the 35th and 36th graduation ceremonies, a total of 13 candidates graduated.

35th Graduation Ceremony

The School of Applied Human Sciences graduated three (3) PhD candidates during the 35th Graduation Ceremony held on 20th December, 2013, and another four (4) during the 36th Graduation Ceremony.

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