Title/Qualifications: Dr
Recreation Management and Exercise Science
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844-00100 Nairobi – Kenya
Lecturer and Director Kenyatta University community Outreach and Extension programmes.
Telephone: +254-020 8710901-12 Ext. 209 
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Conference Presentations

  • Presented on Good Nutrition for Health and wellbeing to Members of ACK Canon Hesbon on 5th August, 2018.
  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, Overweight and Obesity: Risk Factors to Non Communicable Diseases” at St. Lucia Membley, Ruiru on 8th March 2015

  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, “Making an informed Career Choice” presented on 26th September 2014: at Kahatia Secondary school, Murang’a county.

  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, Made a presentation on “Making an informed career Choice” on 5th June 2014 at Search Comprehensive School.

  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, “Towards addressing Physical Activity and Nutrition Challenges to promote overall Health in Africa” presented at a conference held in South Coast Hotel, Durban, South Africa on 16th September 2013.

  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, Income generating activities by young women in Kiambu County, Kiambu, Kenya, October 2011
  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, The gains of youth and women in the Kenyan 2010 constitution., Kiambu, Kenya, 20th July 2011
  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, Effects of a 10weeks aerobic dance exercise program on overweight and obesity status of children aged 10-15 years in Nairobi province, Kenya, Kenyatta University, Kenya, 7th June 2009
  • Running Economy and Efficiency, Kenyatta University, Kenya, 25th- 1st August 2007
  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, Obesity prevalence among children in Nairobi province: the case of Horizon Academy and Moi Avenue primary schools, Kenyatta University, Kenya, 9th-11th November 2005
  • Jane Wanjiku Kamau, Physiological Issues in Female Athletes and Their Implications to Participation in Physical Activities and Sports, Kenyatta University, Kenya, 18th-19th November 2004:


Articles in conference proceedings
  • Towards addressing physical activities and nutrition challenges to promote overall health in Africa. LARASA Congress, 16th September 2013 Durban, South Africa. 
  • Towards the promotion of Sports Management in Africa for Individual and Community Empowerment: The case of Kenyatta University Kenya. 9th November, 2013







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