Welcome to School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences came to being as a result of the restructuring process that transformed it from The Faculty of Arts in 2002.The school is located at the western side of the main campus, opposite the Post Office and is adjacent to The Kenyatta University Conference Centre Annex.

The School is well equipped with qualified academic staff committed to teaching as well as undertaking research and consultancy services. It also has competent and experienced support staff
Currently, the school hosts ten teaching departments and three institutes each offering an array of courses that are market driven. Over the years the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has expanded and diversified existing programs in departments in a bid to offer more opportunities for relevant academic and professional development , thus remaining socially relevant
The programs designed and developed are based on regional and global demands and challenges. Among the most recently developed programmes include: Bachelor of Public Policy and Administration (BPPA) and Bachelors of Security Management and Police Studies.

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

The School has consistently participated, encouraged and supported departments towards this endeavor. A few highlights of what has transpired in the school and ongoing ventures include the following:

The Department of Gender and Development Studies held a Seminar on Gender Policy and Gender Based Violence and sexual Harassment policy for employees in Schools.
The School participated in a workshop on Education For Sustainable Development in Africa organized by United Nations University .This provided a forum for dialogue on themes where leading experts in ESDA participated in making presentations.
The School also participated in the Biennial Conference of the International Society and comparative Physical Education and Sports (ISCPES).The conference provided an important platform for scholars ,researchers managers and professionals in the broad areas of Physical Education, Health , Exercise , Sports and Recreation to share knowledge.
The School also participated in the seminar on Poverty reduction and Environmental Education in urban communities organized by the Yokohama University.

School Journal

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has re-launched its bi-annual international journal known as "Chemchemi". Currently, the Editorial Board is fine tuning the Call for Papers (CFP) document. It is anticipated that the first issue will be out by February, 2013. The contents of the journal will be purely articles focusing on issues affecting mankind in the universe and providing solutions to the same.

School Information Booklet

The students' information Booklet has been developed by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Academic Advisory Committee. The Information Booklet will guide both staff and students on academic matters.

In a nut shell, the school shall always endeavor to expand and diversify existing programmes in its various departments and institutes. This will provide a platform for realization of more opportunities and enable both staff and students exploit a niche in reaping high quality academic returns.




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