Department of Gender & Development Studies

An inclusive Department of excellence in knowledge creation, dissemination, skills development and capacity building.

To build intellectual capacity in gender and development scholarship by providing relevant academic programmes dedicated to strengthening and advancing the works of intellectuals, scholars, researchers, policy makers and practitioners committed to gender equity.

The main objectives of the Department are to:
  • provide academic programmes in gender & development studies leading to the award of certificates, diplomas and degrees.
  • facilitate skills and professional upgrading in the use of gender as a tool for social analysis and transformation.
  • offer professional studies as well as reference material and documentation facilities in gender & development studies in Kenya and beyond,
  • facilitate research & dissemination on gender & development
  • hold, seminars, workshops and such activities.
  • provide fora for  professional development through training and by facilitating exposure of its students and staff to profession-related environments and experiences.
  • offer advisory services to staff, government departments and organizations, institutions involved in gender work, development planners and other actors in the sector
  • develop knowledge and strategies for the advancement of gender equity,
  • enabling the development of skills and capacity in gender analysis;
  • facilitate links between intellectuals, policy makers and practitioners in understanding gender and development.
Aactivities of the Department
The Department of Gender and Development Studies specifically addresses issues that pertain to:
  • gender  disparities  of the sectors of the economy
  • socio-economic and development programmes
  • academic programmes on Gender and Development
  • research, analysis economic and development programmes,
  • provision of advisory and consultancy  services  locally regionally and internationally.
  • Acquisition and  dissemination of information
  • networking with gender and development support groups
  • guiding and counseling
Academic Programmes
The Department offers the following academic programmes in Gender and development.
  • Short courses leading to award of Certificates and Diplomas for specific target groups•    Under-graduate degree
  • Post-graduate Diploma
  • Masters degree
  • Doctor of philosophy (PHD)
  • University Common Units, 105 (HIV/AIDS & Drug Abuse) and 101 (Development Studies)
Non Academic Programmes
The Department undertakes the following outreach programmes:
  • Community service
  • Communication / Linkages
  • Running academic programmes in Gender & Development studies
  • Successful sensitization seminars for students at Kenyatta University and surrounding community.
  • Accomplished various student and staff outreach activities
  • Establishing of networks and Linkages with like minded actors within and without Kenya
  • Established a Gender & Development Resource Center


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