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Position:Associate Professor
Department: Gender and Development Studies
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 - 00100 Nairobi
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Prof. Grace Wamue-Ngare is an Associate Professor in the Department of Gender and Development Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences- Kenyatta University. She is a renowned consultant in Gender and associated disciplines touching on the field of social sciences. She has undertaken many consultancies and trainings in Gender Mainstreaming and Awareness. Prof. Ngare is a distinguished researcher and has received numerous grants and awards from research-funding bodies among them CODESRIA, OSSREA, National Council for Science and Technology (NCST), Lake Victoria Basin Research Initiative (VicRes), and Association of African Universities (AAU). Grace has participated in numerous local, regional and international forums. She’s not only an alumnus of the Global Women Leadership Network (GWLN) but also has undertaken the “Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course an Ontological/ Phenomenological Model” both as a student and also a leader. Prof. Ngare is an able team leader, quite pleasant to work with.


Women Leaders for the World (WLW) program from May 3rd to -8th, 2015 in San Francisco, California-USA. The Women Leaders for the World 2015 is a six-month transformational leadership education program offered by the Global Women’s Leadership Network GWLN)


  • BAL International training workshop, Nairobi 14th-19th February-Nairobi
  • Alternative Rites of Passage (ARP) Proposal Development workshop- 9th March, 2918 Leicester University, UK.
  • Tamar Campaign Dissemination Workshop 13th-15th March 2018 Nairobi-Kenya
  • Organising the forth coming Symposium on Weaving Just Peace: African Women’s Transformative Leadership in Contexts of Transition Symposium, 15th August 2016, Kenyatta University Conference Centre
  • Participated in a Value Chain for Nutrition Project Inception Workshop organised by the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture since 1967 (CIAT), 4th-8th April, 2016
  • Participate in The National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) and Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) has been implementing a project entitled “Precooked Beans Improving Food and Nutrition Security and Income in Kenya and Uganda”- 13-17 September 2015, In Kampala, Uganda
  • Effects of HIV/AIDS on the Road Construction Sector: A Case of Ejinja-Bumala Road (C30)-Kenya co-authored with Dr. Pacificah Okemwa and Dr. Justus Osero: A paper presented to the  16th International Conference for Women and Engineers Society  ICWES 16 Conference  at Los Angeles, USA 23-25th October, 2014
  • Social Implications of the Gender Shift in Banana Production and Marketing: A case of Imenti South District, Meru County- Kenya” -co-authors:  Lydia Miriti, Mwangi Mary and Masiga Casper. A paper presented in a Conference  organized by the Association of Women Scientists and Engineers (AWSE)  in conjunction with the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) held in the Kenya School of Monetary Studies  Nairobi, November 2013
  • "Potential of the Banana Tissue Culture (TC) Technology  in addressing the HIV-Poverty –Malnutrition cycle among People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLWHAs) in the Lake Victoria Basin”- co-authors Mwangi, M. N.,  Muyonga, J. ; Ng’ang’a, Z. W. and  Manyama, A. A paper presented  in a Conference  organized by the Association of Women Scientists and Engineers (AWSE)  in conjunction with the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) held in the Kenya School of Monetary Studies  Nairobi, November 2013:
  • Promoting Critical Consciousness: Deconstructing Hegemonic Knowledge And Praxis In The Academy” A paper presented  in a Colloquium at the School of Arts in Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, 7th -8th August 2013, South Africa
  • “Sexual and Gender Based Violence” paper presented at the Workshop for Student leaders at the  KU Students Business Center 13th -17th May, 2013.
  • “Meaning and Interpretation of Gender and Related Concepts” paper presented  in the Training of Trainers' (TOT) Workshop on  capacity building for staff  in gender awareness and dissemination of KU Gender Policies at KU Students Business Center 12th -13th Oct. 2012
  • “The Place of Women in the Coming Elections” paper presented  at the Workshop on Electoral Reforms-The Road to Credible and Peaceful Elections- at the University of Nairobi 8th -10th October, 2012.
  • Beauty Queens and Beauty Pageants: A Blessing or Curse for African Women?” A paper presented in The International Conference on Gender Based Violence Conference, July 2012, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • “In Search of Gender Identity: Mungiki in Kenya”:  A paper presented at the Mungiki Workshop at British Institute of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, 19th July, 2012
  • “Mega Evangelists and Religious Mobility in Kenya: Planting of New Churches”  co-authored by Wangari Musalia, Department of History, KU.  A paper presented at the Conference on Religious Mobility in East Africa organized by the French Institute for Research in Africa (IFRA) and the Institute of International and Development Studies, held at The Catholic University of East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya,  24th to 26th April, 2012
  • “National Diversity, Gender, Ethnicity and Race: Issues Emerging from Central Kenya”: A paper presented  at The People’s National Conference” Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Kenya organized by National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC )  at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), Nairobi, Kenya,  12th and 13th March, 2012.
  • “Evolution of Ethnic Based Gangs in Kenya: with Special Emphasis on the Mungiki”, A paper presented in the Diversity Conversations in Nyeri County, Kenya, November 14-18th 2011.
  • “Potential of Tissue Culture (TC) Technology for Increased Banana Productivity among Families of People Living with HIV and AIDS”. Proceedings of the Ethno Botany & Health & Indigenous and Local knowledge Cluster Workshop, 4th -7th September, Kampala, Uganda 2011.
  • “Gender Mainstreaming in the Context of Kenya’s New Constitution: a Necessity for Economic Development or a Compromise of Competence?” Co-authored by Dr. Francis Kerre –Sociology and Dr. Mildred Lodiaga- Gender and Development Studies- A paper presented at the - The 19th Economic Symposium for ICPAK on Africa’s Renewed Economic Thrusts: A Change of Direction or Loss of Way? at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya,  24-25th  February, 2011.
  • “African Indigenous Models of Peace Building and Reconciliation: the Role of Women” , A Paper presented at the International Conference on: Building Bridges, Crossing Borders: Gender; Identity and Security in the Search for Peace, at  Menno Simons College and Global College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 30th September- 4th October, 2010
  • “Impact of Changing Gender Relations on the Kenyan Family”, A paper presented at  1st Pan African Family Conference, Family Values and Rituals in the Changing Cultural Context, 21at North Coast Beach Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya, 23 July, 2010  
  • “Banana Tissue Culture and Nutrient Enhancement for Food Security and Income Generation among People Living With AIDS in the Lake Victoria Basin” ,A  paper for the VicRes Annual Ethno-Botany Cluster Seminar, at  Jinja Nile Resort,  Uganda, April 25th to 30th 2009 “
  • “Social, Political and Economic Implications of Disputed Elections: Towards Peaceful Elections in Ghana on 7th December 2008”, A paper presented at a live Broadcasting on the Public Forum on Disputed Elections and their Consequences at the Institute for Democratic Governance- Accra, Ghana, and November 26th, 2008.
  • “Spirituality, Social Capital, and the Quest for African Women’s Emancipation”,  A paper for the International Conference of the Center for Black and African Culture & PANASTRAG, Ouida, Benin Republic, 4th-8th, November, 2007.
  • “Hospitality and the African Women”, A paper presented in the International Conference for the Circle of Concerned Women Theologians, at Methodist Guesthouse, Nairobi- Kenya, September 14-15th 2006.


Dr. Thomas N. Kibutu
Chairman, Department of Geography


DEPARTMENTAL CONCEPT/PROPOSAL SEMINAR PRESENTATIONS March 2018 - on 14th and on 28th April 2018 - on 11th and on 25th May 2018 - on 9th and on 23rd June 2018...


FIELD TRIPS: AGE 313 from 30th March to 1st April 2018 in Central Rift Valley of Kenya AGE 300 from 24th to 28th April 2018 in coastal region of Kenya

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