Visit to Kenyatta University by German team from ISOE and FiW
Millennial Global Transformation: From the Physical to the Anthropocene, Essays in honour of Prof Celia Nyamweru

Chapters in Books

  • “The Mungiki Movement: A Source of Religio-Political Conflict in Kenya” in Religion and Conflict in Neoliberal Africa edited by Smith, J.H and Rosalind I.J. Hackett. Notre Dame Press, Kroc Institute, 2011.  ISBN 10:0 -268-03095-2 and ISBN 13: 978-0-268-03095-7
  • “The Use of European Traditions in the Study of Religion in Africa: East African Perspective” in European Traditions in the Study of Religion in Africa edited by Ludwig F. and A. Adogame. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden  2004
  • Quests for Integrity in Africa, edited by Wamue, Grace and Mathews M. Theuri, Acton Publishers, New York 2003.
  • “Single Parenting; My Own Story” in Women and Conflicts in Kenya edited by Getui M. and H. Anyanga.  Faith Publishers Nairobi 2002
  • “Mungiki Movement in Kenya: Religio-political Analysis”  NCCK Publication, 2003
  • “Women and AIDS in Kenya: Some General Observations”: in Quests for Abundant Life in Africa edited by M.N. Getui and M.M Theuri 2001, Acton Publishers
  • “Food Crisis in Kenya” in Theology of Reconstruction edited by Mary N. Getui and P. Obeng 1999 Acton Publishers.
  • “The Ministry of Women in the Church: An indigenous Cultural Evaluation in Women in the Church. Edited by Chilver A, 1997, Continuum, Nigeria.
  • “The Widows Dilemma: In Violence against Women: edited by Wamue G.N. and M. Getui.  Acton Publishers 1996.
  • “Taboos and Women’s Well Being” in Groaning in Faith.  Edited by Musimbi K. and N. Njoroge.  Acton publishers 1996
  • Structural Adjustment policies and the cultural context. Independent Review 1994/95
  • Yide, O. Essential Traditions and practices in Kenya for Longman Publishers 1992


Dr. Thomas N. Kibutu
Chairman, Department of Geography


DEPARTMENTAL CONCEPT/PROPOSAL SEMINAR PRESENTATIONS March 2018 - on 14th and on 28th April 2018 - on 11th and on 25th May 2018 - on 9th and on 23rd June 2018...


FIELD TRIPS: AGE 313 from 30th March to 1st April 2018 in Central Rift Valley of Kenya AGE 300 from 24th to 28th April 2018 in coastal region of Kenya

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