Research Publications

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2016 Performance Assessment and Evaluation of Community Participation in Water Sector Governance: The Case of Ngaciuma-Kinyaritha catchment, Mount Kenya Region Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies Comte, J-C, Cassidy, R., Obando J.A., Robins, N., Ibrahim, K., Melchioly, S., Mjemah, I., Shauri, H., Bourhane, A., Mohamed, I., Makokha, M., Noe, C., Mwega, B., Join, J-L, Banton, O. & Davies, J.
2016 Impact of short-term flooding on livelihoods in the Central Kenya Rift Valley Lakes; Chapter Geomorphology and Society, Editors E. Meadows, Michael and Lin Jiun-Chuan Series - Advances in Geographical and Environmental Sciences, eBook ISBN 978-4-431-56000-5 Obando J.A., Onywere, S.M., Shisanya, C.A, Ndubi, A.O., Masiga, D., Irura, Z.N., Mariita,, N. and H. O. Maragia, H.O
2016  The use of French Language in Albert Schweitzer’s Works and its Relevance for Africa” forthcoming  Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae,  Julius Gathogo
 2016  Liturgy for Africa versus Liturgy of Africa and the Moratorium Debates  A protestant Ecclesiastical Perspective,Perspectives on Liturgy in a Globalised Africa, Lillian Siwila, Hewitt, and Roderick, Eds.  Julius Gathogo
2016 Evangelicals in the Public Life in Kenya,A Christian Response to Terrorism The Kenyan Experience (Gord Heath & David Tarus, Eds) Julius Gathogo
2016 Afro-Pentecostalism and its dominance in the 21st century Kenya,The Post-Colonial Church Theology, Identity and Mission,co-editors, Joseph Duggan, Esther Mombo and Joseph Wandera,Palgrave publishers Julius Gathogo
2016 Retracing Diakonia in the East African Revival Movement,Evangelism and Diakonia in Context Knud Jørgensen et al (eds),Regnum Books International Julius Gathogo
2015 Performance Assessment and Evaluation of Community Participation in Water Sector Governance Agricultural Water Institutions in East Africa, Current African Issues 63, Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala 2015 Obando J.A, Luwesi, C.N., Mathenge, J. M., Kinuthia, W., Wambua, P.P., Mutiso, M.N., and Bader E.O.,
2015 Perceptions and Truism of Climate Variability within Smallholder Farming Communities in Meru County, Kenya, Journal of Scientific Research and Reports Muthee, M., Obando J.A and Waswa, F.
2015  Ecclesiastical and Political Leaderships in One Armpit:Celebrating the Life of Thomas Kalume.  Studia Historiae  Ecclesiasticae.Vol 41, No 3 Julius Gathogo
2015 Emerging Land Use Changes-Climatic Variability Nexus in Meru County. Journal of Environment and Earth Sciences Muthee, M. Waswa, F. and Obando J.A
2015 Francis Akanu Ibiam (1906 – 1995): Celebrating a Leader who had a mission beyond the Ecclesia Studia Historiae  Ecclesiasticae,Vol 41, No 1 (2015), pages 222-238 Julius Gathogo
2015 Soil and Nutrient Losses under cultivated bush and climbing beans on Terraces Humid Highland Slopes of southwestern Uganda Journal of Scientific Research & Reports Gabiri, G. Obando J.A, Tenywa, M. M., Majaliwa, J.G., Kizza, C.L., Zizinga, A. and Buruchara, R
2015 Overcoming poverty through Faith Based Organization’s in Mbeere-land of Kenya Online International Journal of Arts and Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp. 34-40; April, 2015 Julius Gathogo
2015 Pathways to transformational change in the face of climate impacts An analytical framework, Climate and Development Mapfumo, P., Onyango, M, Honkponou, S., El Mzourid, E.H., Githeko, A., Rabeharisoa, L., Obando J.A, Omolo, N., Majule, A., Denton, F., Ayers, J. & Agrawall, A
2015 Men battering as the new form of domestic violence? A pastoral care perspective from the Kenyan context Practical Theology [Journal] in South Africa, HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies, 71(3), 1-9, Art. #2795, 9 pages. Julius Gathogo
2015 Determinants of perception of Climate Change and adaptation among Turkana pastoralists in north-western Kenya, Climate and Development http::// Opiyo, F. Wasonga, O.V., Nyangito, M.M., Mureithi, S. M., Obando J.A. and Munang, R
2015 Reconstructive Hermeneutics in African Christology HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies; Vol 71, No 3 (2015), 8 pages Julius Gathogo
2015 The Influence of Agricultural Activities on the Water Quality of the River Sosiani in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya International Journal of Research in Agricultural Sciences Ontumbi G, Obando J.A.. and Ondieki, C
 2015  Beliefs And Practices In Ugo (Divination) Intervention in African Context: Case Studying The Gikuyu Presbyterian Christians Of Nyeri Presbytery, Kenya  International Research Journal of Arts and Social Science Vol. 4(5) pp. 083-092, June, 2015  Julius Gathogo
2015 Optimization of crop water requirements under fluctuating rainfall regimes in a semi-arid catchment area: evidence from Muooni dam site, Machakos district, Kenya, Ngonzo, L.C, Shisanya, C. A. and Obando J.A
 2015  Brave New World – a reading of The Unbroken Spirit and The Verdict of Death  Peer-reviewed journal  Paul  Mukundi
 2015  Names and Secrets.  East African Educational Publishers.  Mark Mutali Chetambe
2015  Extent and patterns of drug use among persons with disabilities  International Journal of Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders.Vol.1 Issue 3&4  Kathungu, Mwaura &Wambugu
2015 Explaining Kenya’s insecurity: The weak state, corruption, banditry and terrorism International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science. Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 11-26. ISSN 2307-924X Ombaka, D.M.
2015 Illness Experiences of People Living with HIV in Kenya: A Case Study of Kisumu County University of Bielefeld Library: Bielefeld. George Evans Owino
 2015  Community Integration for Psychological well-being: Building Sustainable Peace and Strengthening Identity through Story-Telling in the South Sudan  Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research, 2015 pp 81-90  Michael T. Katola and Alex N. Kamwaria
2015 Intergrating African Values into the Institutionalized Education and its implications for the youth in Kenya Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 2015 3 (1A) 24-28 ISSN 2347-5374. Michael T. Katola and Johnston S. Shisanya
2015 E-Government for Urban Development: A Comparison of Nairobi and Kiambu Counties International Journal of Public Administration in Digital Age Analysis Kinyanjui Felistus and Waithaka Irene
2015 Challenges Experienced by Men and Women in Informal Finance Groups in Gachagi Informal Settlement in Thika Sub-County, Kenya In International Journal of Innovative Research and Development. ISSN 2278. Volume 4. Issue 1. January, 2015. (Online). Judy Mwangi and Elishiba Kimani
2015 Factors Influencing Participation of men and women in Informal Finance Groups in Gachagi Informal Settlement in Thika Sub-County, Kenya In The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies. ISSN 2321-9203) Volume 3. Issue 1. Judy Mwangi and Elishiba Kimani
 2015  Women’s Knowledge and Food Security. In Pathways to African Feminism and Development, Filling Granary Journal of African Women Studies Center. University of Nairobi. Nairobi. Kenya  Elishiba Kimani
 2015 Mainstreaming climate adaptation into agricultural planning and development in Kenya. In: Mukuna, T.E. &Shisanya, C.A. (Eds).  Milestones in Green Transition and Climate Compatible Development in Eastern and Southern Africa.OSSREA, Addis Ababa, pp. 24-58.  Shisanya, C.A.
 2015 The growth and use of Sheng in Advertisements in selected Businesses in Kenya  Journal of African Cultural Studies (JACS) 27(2):229-246  Kariuki  A., Kanana,:F.E. and Kebeya H

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