Department of Pre-Clinical Sciences

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We are part of the School of Health Sciences and offer units to students from Departments of Nursing, Public Health, Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Sports and Exercise.

External Links
We have active links with the Universities of Pittsburgh, Meredith, Harvard Medical School and Danish Serum Institute (Penum Institute) Walte Reed (USA Army) CDC.

Research Activities
Postgraduate student's Research Areas are:

  • Malaria Vaccine Research, Genetics, HIV/AIDs, Public Health, Molecular Biology and Schistosomiasis research.

Staff members are currently carrying out research in the following areas:

  • IV/AIDS Laboratory-based primary health care research and basic research on tropical diseases.

Academic Staff and Specialisations.
On enrolling in our Department the student will be taught by a qualified and committed team of 5 staff members; Lecturers Physiologist and Anaesthesiologist among others. The staff members have qualifications in the following areas of specialisation.

* Human Anatomy and Histology
* Surgery (General and Trauma, orthopaedics)
* Human Physiology
* Anaesthesiology
* Population Genetics
* Tropical Medicine

Study Mode and Duration
The Ph.D. Degree courses shall extend for a minimum period of three academic years. The Masters degree programme takes about two years. This comprises taught courses and research work. Taught courses take 1 year and the research work takes 1 year.

The students have access to reference materials in the resource library and can also make use of our laboratories.

Student Profile:
Fresh high school graduates and mature-in-service students with the relevant Higher National Diplomas in the Medical Profession choose our Department to gain hands-on experience in theory and practice in Medicine (Pre-clinical Sciences) before they proceed to clinical attachments and before they obtain/qualify with MBChB degree of Kenyatta University.

The Department of Pre-Clinical School Sciences offers basic courses in Pre-clinical Sciences, which form the basis of MBChB. These courses are vital to students before they proceed to their clinical training in hospitals.

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