Dr. Florence Okwara

Title/ Qualifications: MB Ch B, MMed (paed) - UON
Department/Unit/Section: Paediatrics and Child Health
Contact Address: 19533, 00202, Nairobi, Kenya
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Position: Chairperson and Lecturer

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Area of Specialization: Paediatrics
Research Interests
: Infectious diseases, tropical diseases, Paediatric tuberculosis and paediatric HIV.

Conference Presentations

  • Dr. Okwara, Bacteraemia and U.T.I in children with severe malaria    Mombasa, Kenya, April 2001


  • Okwara F., Obimbo E,Wafula E,  Murila.F., 2004, Bacteraemia, Urinary tract infections and malaria in hospitalized febrile children in Nairobi. Is there an association?, East African Medical Journal., Vol 81, No. 1, January 2004.


  • Dr. Okwara, 2000, Co-morbidities in children admitted with Severe malaria
  • Rono H, Okwara F, Otieno M., 2011, Factors influencing the utilization of ‘Early Infant diagnosis’ among HIV positive women in Kericho district.
  • Masinde L, OkwaraF    2009, The effectiveness and challenges of ‘Insta’ prescribed food diets to HIV infected children at Lea Toto, Kangemi,
  • Ochuka B, Okwara F, 2011, Programmatic challenges of ready to eat food prescribed food diets’ among HIV positive children in Siaya district.

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