Title/Qualifications: B.Pharm.; M.Sc.; FPCPharm.; PhD
Pharmacy, Complementary and Alternative medicine
Contact Address:
Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization:
Formulation and Drug Delivery,  Industrial Pharmacy
Research Interests:
Excipient focus from natural sources, Regulation of Pharmaceutical Industry
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Conference Presentations

  • Effect of grewia gum as suspending agent on the physicochemical properties of ibuprofen pediatric formulation
  • Novel extraction method and some physicochemical properties of extractives of Irvingia gabonensis seeds
  • Effect of pH on the viscosity of grewia gum.
  • Characterization of fractions of a natural Polysaccharide with potential as a pharmaceutical excipient
  • Grewia gum as a potential film coating agent: some physicochemical properties of coated theophylline tablets


  • Physicochemical properties of two brands of pregelatinised starch from maize cultivated in Nigeria
  • Effect of two newly introduced brands of pregelatinized starch on the physicochemical properties of chloroquine tablets
    Regulation and Registration of Pharmaceuticals in Nigeria
  • A survey of Workforce in the Pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria
  • The need for veterinary pharmacy in the curriculum of schools of pharmacy in Nigeria.
  • Using Drug Registration as a cheap way of gathering epidemiological data and identifying changes in disease pattern in developing countries.
  • Binding effects of two brands of regelatinized starch on acetaminophen in a wet granulation process.
  • Studies on the disintegrant property of Amora root.
  • Film coating potential of okra gum using paracetamol tablets as model drug.
  • Binding effects of Digitaria exilis Staph (Gramineae) starch on some physicochemical properties of paracetamol tablets in a wet granulation process.
  • Formulation and evaluation of paracetamol tablets manufactured using the dried fruit of Phoenix dactylifera Linn as an excipient.
  • Availability of veterinary pharmaceuticals and the role of pharmacists in healthcare delivery services to animal patients in Plateau State, Nigeria.
  • Effect of grewia gum as a suspending agent on ibuprofen pediatric formulations
  • Potential of grewia gum as a film coating agent: Some physicochemical properties of praziquantel tablets.
  • Some physicochemical properties of acetaminophen pediatric suspensions formulated with okra ggums obtained from different extraction processes as suspending agent
  • Thermal and particle characteristics of starches from ginger and cocoyam rhizomes.
  • Possible embrytoxic and teratogenic effects of a phytodrug (Ricom 1013-J) on pregnant wistar rats
  • Advances in natural polymers as pharmaceutical excipients
  • A Novel Extraction Method and Some Physico-chemical Properties of Extractives of Irvingia gabonensis seeds.
  • Effect of pH on the viscosity of grewia gum mucilage.
  • Effect of Adansonia digitata gum on some physicochemical properties of paracetamol pediatric formulations.
  • Grewia gum as a potential film coating agent I. Some physicochemical characteristics of fractions of grewia gum.