Talaso Dulacha Barako


Title/Qualifications: Masters in Nursing Education
Department/Unit/Section: nursing
Contact Address: 5049-00200 Nairobi
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Nursing Education
Research Interests: Evidence based nursing, nursing education, culture and women health, health promotion and curriculum development

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  • Talaso D. B, Dr. Chege M.N, Dr. Wakasiaka. S, & Omondi. L, (2012) ‘Factors influencing application of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) among nurses working at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)’:  African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, Vol. 6, Issue. 2, 18 Apr 2012, pp 71 – 77
Ongoing researches
  • Talaso D.B-Factor influencing evidence based practices among the nurses at Kenyatta National Hospital-Descriptive analysis
  • Talaso D. Barako, Baseline survey on HIV and AIDs awareness among pastoralist youth and women in Maikona division
  • Data quality assessment of PEPFAR funded projects in Kitui
  • Mentoring in contemporary practise: experiences of mentees and mentors


  • Course on Palliative Care with Kenya Hospices and Palliative care Association
  • Course on emergency triage assessment and treatment plus admission care for sick children(ETAT+)
  • Curriculum review for degree BSCN programs and Masters Program in Nursing in Kenyatta University
  • Course of Content Modularization and  developed complete online teaching module for AIC KIJABE School of Nursing KRCHN basic programme on  palliative care nursing
  • Course on manuscript writing
  • Course on Teaching Methodology
  • Symposium on Maternal and Child health at Kenyatta National Hospital

Relevance of Postgraduate research to community
My postgraduate research study which was published in African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, Vol. 6, Iss. 2, 18 Apr 2012, was on factors influencing application of evidence-based practice among nurses. Research finding brought to limelight the major factors that affect application of evidence-based nursing as: level of education, ability to review literature, and nursing practice guide (hospital policy and ward routines). Nurse being the backbone of health care delivery, it is important.therefore the hospital management invest in and develop comprehensive policy that entrenches EBP in patients' care. In addition, a deliberate policy stance to train more nurses to degree and postgraduate levels will positively impact on adoption of EBP.

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