Dr Ancent Nzioka

 dr Ancent Nzioka

Title/Qualifications:MBChB, MMED
Position: Lecturer

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Area of Specialization: Anatomic Pathology

Research Interests: Cancer Pathology

Conference Presentations

  • Dr. A.K. Nzioka Prevalence of perineural invasion in prostate biopsies for adenocarcinoma: An experience from a rural Kenyan population Cape Town – South Africa October 2012
  • Dr. A.K. Nzioka Who wants to be a Pathologist? A Knowledge, Attitude and Perception study among undergraduate medical students in Kenya Cape Town – South Africa October 2012


  • A Nzioka , S Sayed, Z Moloo et al 2012 Optimizing breast cancer diagnosis in Kenya: importance of standardization of technical methodologies for comparative breast cancer data. Journal of clinical oncology
  • H Okechi, AL Albright, A Nzioka 2012 Tethered cord syndrome secondary to the unusual constellation of a split cord malformation, lumbar myelomeningocele and coexisting neurenteric cyst Case reports in neurological medicine
  • S Sayed, Z Moloo, A Nzioka et al 2013 Breast cancer diagnosis in a resource poor environment through a collaborative multidisciplinary approach: The Kenyan experience Journal of clinical pathology
  • J Axt, F Abdallah, A Nzioka et al 2013 Wilms Tumor survival in Kenya Journal of pediatric surgery

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