Dr. Samuel Gitau Chege



Title/Qualifications: Dr. 
Pharmacy and Complementary/Alternative Medicine
Contact Address:
P.O. BOX, 43844-00100, Tel. (+254) 020-8711622/8710901, Ext. 3312, Fax (+254) 20 8711575, NAIROBI
Area of Specialization:
Clinical Pharmacy and pharmacology
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Research Interests:
  1. Discovery of novel drugs for neglected tropical diseases, e.g., malaria
  2. Identifying therapeutic target for unmet medical needs (diseases)

Research and Publications

  1. Xuelian Li, Dandan Zhao, Zhenfeng Guo, Tianshi Li, Muge Qili, Bozhi Xu, Ming Qian, Haihai Liang, Xiaoqiang E, Samuel Chege Gitau, Qiuxia Wu, Lu wang, Chaoqian Xu, Hongli Shan(2016)    SerpinE2/protease nexin-1 Mediates Experimetntally Pathologocal Cardiac Fibrosis Molecular Basis of Disease
  2. Samuel chege Gitau, Xuelian Li, Dandan Zhao, Zhenfeng Guo, Haihai Liang, Ming Qian,Lifang Lv,Tianshi Li,Bozhi Xu,Zhiguo Wang,Yong Zhang,Chaoqian Xu,Yanjie Lu,Zhiming Du, Hongli Shan, Baofeng Yang.    (2015)    Acetyl salicylic acid attenuates cardiac hypertrophy through Wnt signaling Frontiers of Medicine. DOI: 10.1007/s11684-015-0421-z
  3. Wang L, Li L, Guo R, Li X, Lu Y, Guan X, Gitau SC, Wang L, Xu C, Yang B, Shan H (2014)    miR-101 promotes breast cancer cell apoptosis by targeting Janus kinase 2 Cell Physiol Biochem. 2014; 34(2):413-422. DOI: 10.1159/0000363010
  4. Zhou X, Zhang Q, Zhao T, Bai X, Yuan W, Wu Y, Liu D, Li S, Ju J, Chege Gitau S, Chu W, Xu C, Lu Y    2014    Cisapride protects against cardiac hypertrophy via inhibiting the up-regulation of calcineurin and NFATc-3    Eur J Pharmacol. 2014; 735:202-210
  5. Liang H, Xu C, Pan Z, Zhang Y, Xu Z, Chen Y, Li T, Li X, Liu Y, Huangfu L, Lu Y, Zhang Z, Yang B, Gitau S, Lu Y,Shan H, Du Z(2014) The antifibrotic effects and mechanisms of microRNA-26a action in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.     Mol Ther. 2014; 22(6):1122-1133. (SCI 6.425)

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