Entry Requirements
i. Candidates wishing to study for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and Public
ii. Candidates shall have obtained a mean grade of at least C+ at K.C.S.E. and passed the
subject clusters as indicated or their equivalents:

Alternative A

Biology B
Chemistry B 
Mathematics or Physics C+ 
English or Kiswahili B

Alternative B

Biological Sciences B+
Physical Sciences B+
Mathematics C+
English or Kiswahili B


Principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and a subsidiary pass either in physics or 

Candidates must be holders of a Diploma in Nursing from a recognized medical
training institution or its equivalent. The Diploma holders must have been registered as Nurses.

Credit Transfer System
Candidates holding Ordinary Diplomas in Nursing or approved qualifications in designated
Biomedical Sciences may have a credit transfer of up to 18 units.
All clinical units, community health attachments and clinical rotations are not eligible for Credit transfer.

Duration and Programme of Study
The Bachelor of Science degree programme in Nursing and Public. Health shall be completed
when a registered student has taken and passed in at least 94 units including 3 University common units 1 school common unit and all core units in the programme, normally covering a period of 12 Semesters (4yrs).
Each clinical unit shall comprise of 60 contact hours. These will comprise lectures, practicals, field courses, and clinical placements and combined community health attachments where applicable. Non-clinical units will remain at 35 contact hours.Each graduating student shall proceed on a one-year internship within designated health facilities preceding registration by the relevant professional body.
The course will take twelve semesters. During the third semester they will go for clinical placements

Examinations Regulations
The Bachelor of Science degree programme in Nursing and Public health shall be completed when
a registered student has taken and passed in 92 units of the programme as well as 2 university common units and one school common unit in the programme normally covering a period of 8 teaching semesters and 4 clinical placements of 16 weeks each. The University Examination Regulations shall apply.The overall assessment of the student's performance in each unit shall be done at the end of every semester and shall comprise of continuous assessments and written examinations. In some specific units, oral and practical examinations will be administered as part of continuous assessments.

Written examinations shall comprise of:
Multiple choice Questions (MCQS)- 20 questions of 20 marks. Short Answer Questions (SAQS)
- 8 questions of 5 marks each Making total of 40 marks. Essay Questions-2 questions of 20 marks each Making total of 40 marks Each theory unit shall be marked out of 100 marks distributed as
follows: The written examination70%, Take away assignment 20%, Sit - in CAT 10%
A candidate is expected to have 95% attendance in class to sit a University examination. All clinical rotations are compulsory in order for candidates to meet the minimum requirement of the Professional Regulatory Board.A candidate is expected to have 95% clinical placement attendance. In some specific clinical placements practical examinations including orals will be administered and will be marked out of 100%. The pass mark for these examinations will be 50%.For all clinical placements, continuous assessments will be carried out.The pass mark for written examination shall be 50%. A candidate who obtains between 47% and 49% may be compensated to attain a pass mark of 50% by the departmental examination moderation board. The marks may be deducted from the relevant units the student has passed well.The letter grades for the marks scored per unit shall be indicated as follows for inclusion in the Academic transcript.(A) 75% -100% Distinction,
(B) 65% to 74% Credits, (C) 50% to 64%Pass, (E) 49 and below(Fail)

Incomplete examination
All units offered in the programme are a pre-requisite to proceed to the next academic year. A
candidate must pass in the units before proceeding to the next academic year. The exam will only be complete together with all CAT marks. Academic Warning A candidate who fails in more than half of units taken in any one semester shall be given an academic warning (AW) by the Dean of School upon recommendation by Senate.Supplementary: A candidate who fails in up to half of units in an academic year will be allowed to do supplementary examinations in failed unit(s) before proceeding to the next academic year.
Repeating A candidate who fails in more than half of units taken in an academic year will repeat the whole year.A candidate who fails in ANY unit in the supplementary examinations will repeat the whole year.
A candidate who fails in up to half of units taken after repeating the year will be given a chance to do supplementary in the failed units. If he/she fails in any supplementary he/she will be discontinued.

A candidate who fails in all the units in any one semester will be discontinued. Appeal against
discontinuation will be addressed to the Vice-Chancellor.The degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Public Health shall not be classified.

Unit Code and Title

Core Units
First Semester Units

Level 100
HSU 100: Basic Life Support & Emergency Care
HNS 100: Cell Biology & General Genetics
HNS 101: Human Anatomy I HNS 102: Human Anatomy II HNS 103: Human Physiology I HNS 104: Human Physiology II
HNS 105: Embryology I HNS 106: Embryology II
HNS 107: Medical Biochemistry I HNS 108: Medical Biochemistry II HNS 109: Medical Microbiology I HNS 110: Medical Microbiology II
HNS 111: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice I HNS 112: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice II

Second Semester Units 100 Level
HNS 113: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice III
HNS 114: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice IV
HNS 115: Community Health Nursing I HNS 116: Community Health Nursing II
HNS 117: Medical Biochemistry III HNS 118: Medical Biochemistry IV
HNS 119: Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood I HNS 120: Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood II
HNS 121: Human Physiology III HNS 122: Human Physiology IV
HNS 123: Advanced Human Physiology V HNS 124: Advanced Human Physiology VI
HNS 125: Advanced Human Anatomy III HNS 126: Advanced Human Anatomy IV

Third Semester Units
HNS 127: Clinical Placement I

Unit Code and Unit Title

First semester units 200 level
HNS 200: Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood III
HNS 201: Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood IV
HNS 202: Medical Surgical Nursing I HNS 203: Medical Surgical Nursing II
HNS 204: Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics I HNS 205: Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics II
School of Medicine
HNS 206: Human Nutrition I
HNS 207: Human Nutrition II
HNS 208: Clinical Methods I HNS 209: Clinical Methods II
HNS 210: Immunology I HNS 211: Immunology II
HNS 212: Pathology I HNS 213: Pathology II

Second Semester Units 200 level
HNS 214: Pathology III
HNS 215: Principles of Human Psychology
HNS 216: Medical Surgical Nursing III HNS 217: Medical Surgical Nursing IV
HNS 218: Clinical pharmacology & Therapeutics III HNS 219: Clinical pharmacology & Therapeutics IV
HNS 220: Reproductive Health & SafeMotherhood V HNS 221: Reproductive Health & SafeMotherhood VI HNS 222: Reproductive Health & SafeMotherhood VII
HNS 223: Medical Surgical Nursing V HNS 224: Medical Surgical Nursing VI
HNS 225: Introduction to Medical Parasitology
HNS 226: Medical Helminthology & Entomology
HNS 227: Neonatology
UCU 100: Communication Skills

Third Semester Units 200 level
HNS 228: Clinical Placement II

Unit Code and Unit Title
First semester units 300 level
HNS 300: Occupational Health
HNS 301: Health Promotion
HNS 302: Epidemiology
HNS 303: Biostatistics
HNS 304: Paediatric Nursing I HNS 305: Paediatric Nursing II
HNS 306: Educational Psychology for Nurses
HNS 307: Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing I HNS 308: Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing II HNS 309: Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing III
HNS 310: Community Health III HNS 311: Community Health IV
HNS 312: STI's and HIV/AIDS Management

Second Semester Units 300 level
UCU 103: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
HNS 313: Fundamentals of Medical Sociology & Anthropology I HNS 314: Fundamentals of Medical Sociology & Anthropology II
HNS 315: Research Methodology I 

HNS 316: Research Methodology II HNS 317: Management in Nursing I HNS 318: Management in Nursing II 

HNS 319: Community Health Nursing V
HNS 320: Sanitation and Environmental Health
HNS 321: Social Work
HNS 322: Community Development
HNS 323: Reproductive Health and Safe Motherhood VII
UCU 104: Entrepreneurship

Third Semester Units
HNS 324: Clinical Placement III

Unit Code and Unit Title

First semester units
HNS 400: Ophthalmology
HNS 401: Dermatology
HNS 402: Ear Nose Throat HNS 403: Theatre Nursing
HNS 404: Palliative & Home Based Care
HNS 405: Health Service Management & Health Economics I HNS 406: Health Service Management & Health Economics II
HNS 407: Critical Care & Renal Nursing
HNS 408: Public Relations in Nursing Practice
HNS 409: Gender & Health

Second Semester 400 Level Units
HNS 410: Curriculum & Instruction in Nursing
HNS 411: Geriatric Nursing
HNS 412: Research Project (equivalent to 6 units)

Third Semester 400 Level Units
HNS 413: Clinical Placement IV

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