When I first stepped into Kenyatta University, I got lost. I asked where the nursing department was and I was directed to one extreme end of the campus. Walking in, I wondered whether I would make it in this awesome yet daunting field of health sciences. 3 years down the line I’m deeply integrated into the university nursing community of ours which reaches far and wide. Here, they not only teach you to be book smart but they also equip you with tips to face the actual life out there.

There is no quick fix, no secret, and no shortcut to success. There are plenty of nuggets of wisdom from lecturers throughout the class, but what I find most valuable is the profound sense of empowerment, knowing that we already have everything we need to succeed, and that all it takes is the willingness to work hard and put in consistent daily effort. The department, laden with competent and well experienced lecturers plays an integral role in imparting knowledge and skills in various nursing specialties as well as mentoring nursing students at all levels during every stage of the clinical placements. Exposure to the Kenyan healthcare system with efficient mentorship and tutelage from the department’s staff is one of the best gifts a nursing student can get. This has had a huge role in building my confidence in dealing with patients at a comfortable level.

The Students Nursing Association of Kenyatta University plays a major role in ensuring the release of holistic nurses to the society. In linking up with the department for volunteer services such as community outreach experiences and medical camps, the association promotes unification of the nursing fraternity in giving back to the society. Their programmes have enabled me acquire specific skills that I can confidently say make me a better person and a better nurse to my clients.

I am grateful to this department for helping me build my dream into reality. Samuel Mutai, 3rd Year Student


Ku-medicine-nursing-testimonial-16-bLearning is a continuous, non-discrete process. Exhausting, challenging and transformative are the words one could use to describe the Bachelor of Science in nursing and public health program in Kenyatta University. Transformation comes in especially from the strong support from the very able lecturers. By playing the major role of imparting knowledge and skills to the students they encourage self-reliance and promote hard work.

A community is made up of many individuals. The most vital entities in my case being my fellow students. These individuals with an unmeasurable hunger and thirst for education have played a major role in my success as an individual and as the congressman of the school of medicine. Their constant support and encouragement have driven me to develop skills and to be better leader. The leadership is further devolved to the student’s nurses association of Kenyatta University which addresses the new and continuing student’s issues at root level. This major communication and social link promotes unification of the nursing fraternity as a whole.

The world is moving from old teaching methods and the nursing department is at the fore front, setting apace for other institutions. From group works to practical demonstration of skills in the well-equipped skills lab to the various exposure in the clinical areas as per the nursing council requirements, the department is making huge leaps towards producing competent and successful nurses with heightened levels of responsibility and perception in handling life Herbert Otieno, Congress Leader


Ku-medicine-nursing-testimonial0I am very grateful to Kenyatta University for giving me a chance to study in the School of Medicine, Department of Nursing Sciences (upgrading Diploma in Nursing to Degree in Nursing). The department has well experienced lecturers who equip students with great knowledge and skills to enable them offer quality care to patients. I would recommend anyone wishing to upgrade from Diploma to Degree in Nursing to join Kenyatta University 

Martha Nkirote

Ku-medicine-nursing-testimonial3The depth of knowledge I received as a nursing student in Kenyatta University is unmatched and the cognitive, psychomotor and affective transformation that I experienced is priceless. I attribute the rapid advancements in my career to the academic and life lessons learned as a student in Kenyatta University. The learning experiences in a dynamic environment were memorable and the seamless assimilation of theory and practical teachings was beyond reproach. The diversity of the faculty members and the student population presented a unique opportunity to appreciate and embrace varied cultural perspectives. The BSC Nursing and Public Health program in Kenyatta University adequately prepared me as a leader in the corporate world by equipping me with the prerequisite skills through the carefully integrated programs tailored to holistically address the needs of upcoming professionals.
Bernard Okeah


Ku-medicine-nursing-testimonial1Nyambega M. Clinton, a third year student serving in the capacity of the chairperson at the Student Nursing Association of Kenyatta University(SNAKU).
I hereby would like to acknowledge the fact that experience in the nursing profession as a K.U student has been more of a blessing than a drawback. The programme has been self sufficient and the nursing department has been so helpful in terms of nurturing lives of young aspiring nurses.Despite the busy schedule of the curriculum the students have constantly devoted their efforts to ensure they achieve their best and escape the knife of supplementary which in a way can be a high wall for students to climb.

Ku-medicine-nursing-testimonial2Lilian Akinyi Owino – Class Representative 2014 class (first years)
I arrived at Kenyatta University specifically for the nursing course with very little knowledge of nursing. For the past period learning has made the better part of me. The entire learning experience has enhanced my knowledge and “know-how” by the professional and “can-do” attitude of the cooperative and skilled lecturers offered by the department. The first year course has been a nice one with satisfying learning sessions.   
The course has been very good especially in the way each concept is reinforced using both walk-through class work and lab practices. The interpersonal and good communication skills from our attentive and inspiring lecturers has made everything fantastic. In addition to the fatherly and motherly love of the laboratory assistants who help us through in laboratory practices.  Learning equipments including laboratory equipments have been adequately supplied and every student has been able to efficiently practice without insufficiency.

Ku-medicine-nursing-testimonial4As a second year student in Kenyatta University doing BScN, I have benefitted a lot. The nursing programme has heightened my levels of resposibility and perception in handling life. Also as the class representative, the programme has sharpened my leadership skills hence preparing me for my future leadership roles.We cover so much theopry in class, practicals in our skills lab with mankins which prepares us and gives us confidence to deal with patients during clinical placement in hospitals
Oscar Jefwa Mweri


Ku-medicine-nursing-testimonial7Kenyatta University department of Nursing Sciences has proven itself capable of training whole rounded degree nurses. The department has an enviable team of competent and well experienced lecturers. These lectures play the modest role in imparting knowledge and skills in various nursing specialties as well as mentoring nursing students at all levels.  The diversity of clinical experience all through from first year to fourth year has been very significant in not only strengthening theory learned in class but also enriching students with necessary skills required to practice nursing competently. Students undergo rigorous class work then followed by clinical placement during which students apply what is taught in class.
The nursing department also offers a supporting hand to the community through Students Nursing Association of Kenyatta University (SNAKU). Students are empowered to extend their knowledge and services through medical camps and other community services. Furthermore, SNAKU facilitates sporting activities each semester with the aim of uniting all nursing fraternity and celebrating the identity of nursing as a unique profession. Antony Kisiangani

Ku-medicine-nursing-testimonial8I am grateful to have left Department of Nursing Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Public Health and having been awarded National Nurses Association of Kenya Student Nurse of the Year 2014. The past four years of training were exhausting, challenging, but equally transformative. There were days I wondered whether I would make it as a nurse when I was joining before I learnt and appreciated the value of nursing education. The lecturers in the department had adequate experience, were always available when I need support. They provided individualized attention that culminated to good mentorship and development of God fearing innovative nurses who are ready to take the role of modern and future nurses.
Besides, I am grateful for the excellent preparation I received from the programme and for the time we spent with lecturers in clinical areas, skills lab and classrooms because they have taught me nursing is more than a job but an opportunity to impact positively to other people and the society. It has taught me valuable life skills such as planning, creative, and critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Today, I feel confident and prepared to explore the infinite number of opportunities in nursing worldwide.

Mbogori Maurice

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