Dr. Henry W. Namsyule

Department of Music and Dance
Kenyatta University
P.O. Box 43844-00100

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Area of Specialization
Music Education, Research Methodology, Instruction in Piano, Guitar Techniques i.e. Classical, Folk, Plectrum guitar.

Research/ Projects
Music Education, Psychology of Music, Developing Music Talent and Music Curriculum

Single Authorship

  1. Henry N. Wanjala, (2011): Productive Musicianship: The Link Between Music Literacy and Expresiveness in Music Education: Verlag Dr. Muller (UK and Germany). ISBN 978-3-639-34894-1
  2. Wanjala H.N. (2000): Gateway Primary Revision Music, Longhorn (Kenya).A ISBN99 66 49 37 51

Book Review

  1. Music in Kenya, “Development, Management, Composition and Performance”A Tribute to Daniel T. Arap Moi, Kabarak University (2010) ISBN 978-9966-023-001, By Prof. Emily Achieng’ Akuno, Dr. Henry Wanjala
  2. “Adjudication of Original Composition and Arrangement”, paper presented during Kenya Music and Cultural Festival National Adjudicators’ Music and Dance Workshop from 28th to 29th September 2000 at the British Council ICEA Building, Nairobi Kenya
  1. The relationship between attitudes towards music and achievements
  2. Attitude formation in music instruction

Publications/ Exhibitions

  1. Gateway Primary Revision Music. ISBN 9966 493751Henry N. Wanjala`, “Significance of Traditional Music in Christian Worship and Evangelism”, paper presented during The Festival of Christian Arts in Kenya, (2010), Nairobi, ISBN 9966-08-522-X.
  2. “Productive Musicianship: The Interface between Music Literacy and Expressiveness”, a paper presented during East African Symposium of Music Education between 16th to18th May 2005 at Kenyatta University. Henry Wanjala, Jean Kidula and Wilson Shitandi
  3. “Setting Indigenous Melodies for Concert Performance: A historical outline on the adaptation and arrangement of African tunes”, a paper presented during the International Music Symposium from 20th to 23rd November 2002 at Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya.Henry N. Wanjala
  4. “Basic Principles of Composition and Adaptation of Melodies”, a paper presented during the Kenya Music Festival Workshop for Choirmasters from 28th to 31st August, 2001 at the French Cultural Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.
  5. “The Effective teaching Methods and Strategies”, paper presented during the Kenya National Symposium of Music from 17th to 22nd April, 2001 at Egerton University, Kenya

Recognition/ Awards:
Presidential Award. Certificate of Exemplary Performance and Contribution toward Development of Music in Kenya, 17th August 2001, during the 75th Anniversary of Kenya Music Festival.


Funded Projects/ Consultancies
Foundation of Kenya Music Festival, Development of the East African Community Anthem




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