Service Charter

Services Rendered


User Charges

Time line

1. Online Registration of units and processing of registration forms.

Registration forms must indicate having been authorized by Finance Department to register for units.



Following day after forms submitted

2. Posting of examinations provisional results on School notice board and issuance of examination Result Slips, Dealing with students’ enquiries

Unit registration and sitting for examinations


Within one month of sitting for exams

3. Processing Postgraduate degree students Proposals



One month from date Proposal submitted

4.Processing travel and Research grants application

Research Grants:

  • Be a registered Ph.D student with substantive registration
  • Maximum of kshs.50,000 per student
  • A Candidate will benefit once in two years
  • Have invitation to Conference
  • Abstract of the paper to be presented
  • An applicant will benefit once in two years
  • Credible air ticket quotations
  • Indication of sponsorship

Travel Grants:



Three weeks since submission of application forms

5. Processing applications for Scholarships

Be eligible to apply


One month from date forms filled in

6. Mounting University wide events on basis of Disciplines taught within School.



Two months to prepare events and host them

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