• Diploma in Fine Art


In addition to meeting the University and School of Visual and Performing Arts entry requirements, all candidates for Diploma must be holders of at least KCSE mean grade C(Plain) with any of the following:

  • Certificate in Art and Design from a recognized institution. OR,
  • A portfolio of artworks to be presented before a University selection panell for interview and selection.


The Diploma programme in Art and Design will culminate in Award of Diploma(fine Art and Design)


  • The programme shall run for a period of two(2) academic years comprising four(4) semesters.
  • Students shall take a total of twenty(20) units comprising: Eight(8) core units AND twelve(12) electives.

The eight(8) core units are:Freehand Drawing, African Art(Theory), Principles of Art and Design, Computer Imaging and photo-editing, Human Figure Drawing, Form and Content in Art(Theory), Industrial Attachment, Mechanical Drawing.

Twelve(12) units, Four(4) each from three(3) areas of specialization listed below: Painting,Sculpture,Multimedia Crafts,Ceramics,Weaving,Fabric Design,Graphic Design,Printmaking.



  • Bachelor of Arts(Art and Design)
  • Bachelor of Education(Art and Design)

The common University regulations and entry requirements for Undergraduate courses shall apply.
In addition consideration will be given to those with:

  • KCSE mean grade C+ (plus) or its equivalent but without art. These should present a portfolio of artworks to the Department of Art and Design for assessment.  OR
  • KCSE mean grade of C (plain) or its equivalent and with a Diploma in Art and Design from a recognized institution. OR
  • KCSE mean grade of C (plain) or its equivalent with a P1 certificate and proven experience in Art and Design. OR
  • Mean grade of C-(minus) at KCSE and progressed from Certificate to Diploma at Kenyatta University or any other recognized / accredited Institutions.

The undergraduate programme in Fine Art and Design will award degrees in:-

  1. Bachelor of Arts ( Arts and Design)  -  (BA  (Art and Design)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Art and Design.) - (BEd (Art and Design)
The General University rules on the duration of the degree programme shall apply.
Bachelor of Arts (Art and Design)
Course study
The students will follow a 3:2:1:1 programme.  This means 3 disciplines in level 100 series, 2 in level 200 series, and 1 discipline in level 300 and 400 series respectively. Of the units required in level 100 series, 3 units shall be in Art and Design.  In level 200 series, 8 units shall be in Art and Design and 4 units from a 2nd subject from another department.  In levels 300 all 13 units and in 400 series, all the 12 units will be from Art and Design.
Bachelor of Education (Art and Design).
Course of Study
Students will choose the 3:3:3:3 major-minor (two teaching subjects ie Art and Design and any other) programme. In that programme, of the 13 units required in level 100, 3units shall be in Art & Design,4 common University units,3 from School of Education and 3 from any other department. In levels 200, 300, and 400 series, students will take 6 units in Art and Design and 2 units from the other department and 4 from School of Education each year.


Common University  examination  regulations shall apply. University exams shall be given at the end of each semester. In theory exams, 30% shall constitute Continuous Assessment Tests  whereas 70% shall constitute the examination mark. In practical exams assessment shall be out of 100%.



  • Certificate In Music


  • Be holders of either KCSE agrregate C-(minus) or its equivalent.
  • Have proof of musical activity e.g. choral training for Kenya Music Festival at regional or national level, membership to Armed Forces marching band, Symphony Orchestra, Church Choir, indegenous dance groups, or any other performing ensembles.
  • Performance experience at the level of cerficate in Piano, Guiter or Voice or Choral directing from a recognized authority.
  • All applicants will be auditioned to verify their profiency / qualification for admission into the Certificate Course.


  • All University regulations shall apply.
  • Lecture-based units shall be assessed through 30% Coursework and 70% written University examinations.Units that are purely practical in nature (e.g. Musicianship) shall be examined wholly by continuous assessment (100%).Assessment of performance oriented units shall consist of 40% continuous assessment and 60% project / performance presentation.
  • In order to be allowed to sit for an examination, the student must attend atlest 2/3 of the lectures for every unit in a semester.Failure to do CAT shall lead to failure in the unit.
  • The pass mark for all examinations shall be 40%
  • A candidate who fails all the reistered units in a semster shall be discontinued.
  • A student can sit for a maximum of three supplementary examinations in any given semester.A candidate who fails a supplementary examination in a unit shall not be awarded a Certificate.

Download full course Descriptions in PDF or Word


  • Diploma in Music


  • Be holders of KCSE aggregate grade of C with atleast a C+(plus) in Music, or a Certificate in Music of Kenyatta University, or its equivalent.
  • Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music(ABRSM) Grade Five theory and Grade Four practical, or its equivalent.
  • Proof of established Musical activity.
  • All applicants will be audition to verify their profiency / qualification for admission into the diploma course.

Download full course Descriptions in PDF or Word


At the completion of the course the student will be awarded a Diploma in Music.


Bachelor of Music(Technology)

Download full course Descriptions in PDF or Word

Bachelor of Music(BMUS)

Download full course Descriptions in PDF or Word

Bachelor of Education(Music)

Download full course Descriptions in PDF or Word

Students taking Bachelor of Education (Music) combine Music with other subject areas. Those taking Bachelor of Music are full time music students.

Study Mode and Duration
The department offers regular courses and school based programmes at undergraduate level. All these programmes take four years (8 semesters) to complete Students take University examinations at the end of every semester.




  • Bachelor of Arts(Theatre Arts and Film Technology)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Film Technology)

These are same as those for admissions to the School of Visual and performing Arts.

There will be three categories of students:
The students who will be admitted through the Joint Admissions Board [JAB] or Self-sponsored programme whose entry requirement will be laid down by University Requirements and 
the direct entry students will be required to have at least a Diploma in Film or Mass communication, or a Diploma in Education and proven Theatre Arts experience or, Holders of Diploma in Theatre Arts. Read More





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