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  • Every student of Kenyatta University is advised to familiarize herself/himself with the various areas/offices which provide welfare services to students on the Campus on a day-to-day basis. These services are available strictly to students.
  • Who is a KU student? A KU student is one who has a letter of admission, is duly registered for the specific semester and has registered online.


Quality Policy Statement

In conformity with the Kenyatta University Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan (2005-2015), the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) is committed to ensuring that our services measure up to ISO 9001:2008 standards. We are committed to serving our clients, the students, by sensitively addressing their needs through strategically designed procedures of efficient welfare provision.  ReadMore..........

Student Affairs News

Internal Bursary (2016-2017)


 KUSA 2016 Elections Warning!!

It has come to the attention of the KUSA Electoral Commission that some aspiring candidates have gone against the KUSA Electoral Code. The KUSA Electoral Commission strongly warns aspiring candidates against the following:

1.Early Campaigns
Official Campaigns will start after the list of cleared candidates is released by the Commission. Any one involved in any form of campaigns outside the campaign period SHALL be disqualified as per the KUSA Constitution Article 58(1)(m).

2. Observance of the KUSA Constitution and University Regulations
KUSA elections are guided by the KUSA constitution and University’s Student Handbook.

ALL aspiring candidates should read the KUSA constitution paying great attention to Chapter 6, Article 58 which enumerates Electoral Offences.

Any aspirant who violates the constitution SHALL be disqualified. The KUSA Electoral Commission will strictly adhere to the KUSA Constitution.ALL aspiring candidates are strongly advised to observe and follow the guidelines of the constitution.