Quality Policy Statement

In conformity with the Kenyatta University Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan (2005-2015), the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) is committed to ensuring that our services measure up to ISO 9001:2008 standards. We are committed to serving our clients, the students, by sensitively addressing their needs through strategically designed procedures of efficient welfare provision.
We are keenly conscious of the diversity of the student population and, seek to create a sense of a beautiful mosaic in the student body, while at the same time being sensitive to their individual and corporate needs. To this end, we aim at constantly reviewing our service provision procedures to ensure that the Department lives up to its motto of: "Providing Integral Support and Care".

Statement of Quality Objectives
The primary objective is to meet the University target of developing the student welfare system for the attainment of academic excellence, high completion rate and all-round education; the specific objectives are to:
1. identify and assist students with different categories of need;
2. facilitate and monitor operations of professional clubs and welfare associations in the student community;
3. prepare and regularly update departmental documents for efficient and effective services delivery;
4. improve staff competence through regular training/in-service;
5. continue improving the resources and services given to students with Special Needs;
6. strengthen student governance structures;
7. maintain a high level of discipline and inculcate good habits among the students;
8. facilitate students participation in co-curricula activities nationally and internationally;
9. strengthen students participation in recreational activities on campus;
10. liaise with Health Unit on the progress of sick students, and inform Management and the parents as need arises.