Directorate of Accommodation Services (DAS)

  • The Office of the Director, Accommodation Services Department is located next to the water tank near the Nyayo Gate.
  • The Accommodation Services Department (ASD) has the mandate of allocating hostel rooms to students. The KU hostels on the Campus are in three zones: Eastern, Western and Nyayo. These are managed by Zonal Officers, Housekeepers and Night Attendants.
  • The same case goes for satellite campuses with accommodation.
  • The Office concerned with off campus accommodation is situated at Usambara 2 Rm 7. The office assists non-resident students by keeping in touch with their landlords and ensuring that they are not taken advantage of. There is an updated list of recommended hostels on KU website. Non-resident students are advised to stay only in recommended hostels.

Make your hostel safe for you and your colleagues.

  Discipline on Campuses
  • Kenyatta University is working to become a world class University. To this end students are expected to observe proper discipline in all areas of life in hostels on the fields, in the classrooms and in examination rooms.
  • Indiscipline and misconduct is totally discouraged, and is handled as per the University Code of Conduct governing student life. Avoid unbecoming behaviour. (For details see student handbook).

Security on Campuses and in Hostel Areas

  • KU has a Security Unit managed by qualified personnel under the Directorate of Security Services.  On the Main Campus the unit is located next to the Transport yard and overlooking Department of Education psychology.  The unit has the duty of protecting KU community and property.  It works closely with the Directorate of Student Affairs to ensure security and peace for the students and the entire KU Community.
  • The Hostels Night Attendants are specifically assigned the protection of Hostels and Students at night.  They may provide emergency services that students may need, then alert the relevant University offices.  They can call for assistance from the Security Office if need arises.  Know your Hostel Attendant.
  • However, the question of security on campus is a concern of every individual.  Take good care of your property; report any strangers who hand around hostels; inform the security unit about anything that threatens peace.

KU Wellness Centre

  • The office of the Director, Wellness centre is located at the first floor of the BSSC.
  • Counselling services are provided by qualified counsellors in this office on the Main Campus, as well as on the satellite campuses.  The services are free of charge to students and staff.
  • The counselling services enable you explore issues related to career development, academic matters and decision-making in general.  Psychological, emotional and associated concerns are also handled.
  • Services are offered on individual or on group basis when issues in question are particularly similar.  In your areas of residence, there are trained Peer Counsellors who are willing to interact with you.
  • In all engagements, the highest sense of confidentiality is observed by the counselling unit as per the ideals of the profession.  A problem shared is a problem half-solved.

Sports and Recreation
  • Sports and Games is a service department that caters for students, staff and larger community.  It is concerned with intramural and interscholarly needs of the University.  It provides recreational and leisure time opportunities in activities such as soccer, rugby, handball, table tennis, basket ball, badminton, scrabble, martial arts, hockey, boxing, netball, swimming, body building, athletics and others.
  • These varieties of activities enable students to identify their areas of interest.  Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  Mentoring Programme
  • The offices of the Directorate of Mentoring programme are located on the first floor of the new Business and Student Services’ Centre.
  • There is a mentoring programme aimed at guiding first year students to settle down faster in the University life.
  • It also aims at creating a positive University experience and offer support needed to make informed decisions and choices.  Visit the office for more information.

Health Services

  • Health services in Kenyatta University are offered at the Health Unit on the Main Campus and in Ruiru Campus.  The staff comprises of qualified doctors, clinical officers, physiotherapist and nurses.  The main health unit is located on Mali Road next to the Physical Education gym.
  • Referral services are given as necessary, to Kenyatta National Hospital.  The University strictly clears bills for students referred to KNH by the Health Unit.  Costs in any other hospital will be footed by the student/parent. Other health services offered include VCT.

Alumni and Outreach Activities

  • KU has a comprehensive programme of keeping in touch with its former students who enrich her programmes and activities with their experiences.
  • At the same time KU encourages students to get involved in Community Outreach activities as indicated in its mission and vision.  Identify your talent and help us to nurture it.

Centre for Career Development and Placement (CCDP)

  • This provides services to individual and groups in relation to career putting and choice, in matters of reference, and in, internet resources access and guidance.
  • It also gives guidance on securing attachments, internships and employment opportunities.
  • The offices of the CCDP are located on the first floor of the new BSSC.

University Bookshop

  • Banking services are adequately provided by 2 banks, namely Equity and National Bank of Kenya.
  • The two banks have in addition automated services.
  • They are located in the new BSSC.
A number of other services are provided at the Main Campus. Post Office
  • It is situated next to Geography Department on your way to KUCC.