Programmes Offered

The Institute offers the following programmes;

i) B.Ed in Primary Teacher Education
ii) Diploma in Primary Teacher Education
iii) Certificate in Early Childhood Education
iv) Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Studies
v) Postgraduate Diploma in Psycho-Educational Assessment
vi) Teacher Professional Development cutting across Primary and Secondary education.

Affiliated programmes, collaborations and resources
We have some collaboration with the following groups;
i) Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd Kenya working on MOU on TPD
ii) Syracuse University – Prof. Masingila – Professional Capacity Development
iii) California State University, San Marcos – Prof. Moses Ochanji – Science Education
iv) North Carolina Central University – Prof. Philip Mutisyia – Research in Capacity Building
v) University of New York at Oneanta – Prof Peninah Kamina – Mathematics Education.

Kenyatta University: Institute of Teacher Professional Development