To be a centre of excellence in Education and empowerment of refugees, host communities and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) 


To empower the refugees, host communities and IDPs through tertiary education; research linkages and partnerships; humanitarian services; resource mobilization; advocacy and networking; conflict management; post conflict reconstruction and reintegration.


  • To offer relevant academic and professional programmes to prospective students in international refugee camps, victims of forced migration and host communities.
  • To identify and develop academic and professional programmes relevant to prospective students in international refugee camps and victims of forced migration.
  • To offer facilities for research on refugees, host communities and victims of conflict and forced migration.
  • To follow up the ongoing collaboration of the Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER) partners and other prospective agencies locally and globally for successful development and facilitation of tertiary education among the refugees  beginning with an ODEL Center at Dadaab Refugees Camp in  North Eastern Kenya
  • To search for  partnership between Kenyatta University and other partners in furtherance of Kenyatta University contribution in offering tertiary education and professional skills among Refugees and internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
  • To develop funding proposals for Research in Refugee and victims of forced migrations.
  • To organize and facilitate capacity building programs for victims of conflicts and forced migrations in collaboration with other relevant partners
  • To co-ordinate humanitarian services among the refugees and victims of forced migration in the fields of trauma healing and training in life skills.
  • To address emerging human rights abuse issues among the vulnerable groups.
  • To coordinate identified specific programmes among the refugees and victims of forced migration related to:-
    (a) peace building, 
    (b) reconciliation, 
    (c) post – conflict arbitration/ mediation and
    (d) re-integration.




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