Who is a Kenyatta University Alumni?

A Kenyatta University alumnus/a is

  • A graduate of Kenyatta University.
  • All students in session at Kenyatta University.
  • Graduates of other universities whose spouses are Kenyatta University alumni could become honorary alumni
  • Any corporate firm or individual who willingly undertakes to identify with the vision, mission and aspiration of Kenyatta University
How can i become a registered member of the Kenyatta University Alumni Association?

Registrations are done online on Kenyatta University Website, Alumni portal. Follow this link http://www.ku.ac.ke You may also visit the Alumni office at Main campus to register.


What are the benefits of registering as a Kenyatta University alumni?

  • A regular e-newsletter with updates on the university.
  • Ability to connect and network with fellow alumni.
  • Invitation to university and alumni events including public lectures, forums and re-unions.
  • Support from the Career Office at Kenyatta University in securing internships, career advice, seminars and workshops tailored to your needs.


Do I have to register as an alumnus if I have an alumni card?

Yes, you need to register as an alumnus. Check the membership categories above.


What are my obligations as an alumnus of Kenyatta University?

  • To be paid up members and subscribe annually as agreed upon by members.
  • To attend all alumni functions.
  • To make suggestions on how to make improvements in the university.
  • To Support your Alma mater Support each other in whichever ways necessary.
Where do I pay my registration dues or donations to the alumni centre?

Payment is made directly to the Alumni account of Equity Bank Account No: 018029156934, Upper Hill Branch, Nairobi.


What is the Kenyatta University Alumni card all about?

This is a card powered by Equity Bank and MasterCard, that enables an alumni to access services at over 34 Million MasterCard branded points of sale worldwide! Follow this link http://www.ku.ac.ke/eapd/alumni-card/ to know more about the benefits and details of the partners.


Can alumni use Kenyatta University Library?

Alumni may use the Kenyatta University Library on site, free of charge with a Kenyatta University Alumni Card.


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