Global food security has been shaken by the many emerging and re-emerging issues of food safety concern. Scientific evidence indicates that unsafe foods are responsible for more deaths than malnutrition. Cancer and other food borne-illnesses which have also been attributed to unsafe foods are on the increase. This not only loads the already overburdened healthcare systems but also lowers human productivity in low- and middle-income countries.  Media reports and unpublished reports have revealed several food safety issues emanating from the food value chain, from agricultural food production, post harvesting handling, processing, packaging, storage, distribution and retailing, food preparation and consumption.

However, evidence based research is lacking to guide on policies and action points. There is minimal information on risk and exposure assessment of food hazards. Use and misuse of nutritional supplements as well as ergogenic aids in population is also worrying. Putting in place preventive measures as well as policies, regulations and their enforcement by governments can achieve substantial reduction in the risks. This conference is therefore planned to address issues of food safety concern involving all the key players. The goal of the conference is to bring together multidisciplinary scholars and scientists, environmentalists, agriculturalists, food and hospitality industry, nutritionists and public health, NGOs, distributors, traders, consumer organizations, policy makers, food legislators, civil society and other organizations to share evidence based research and disseminate findings on issues of food safety concern. The theme of the conference is “food safety from farm to fork – a missing link in consumer health, education and food security”.

Kenyatta University welcomes you to the International Conference on Food Safety to be held in Kenyatta University, Main Campus, Kenya between 2o-24th May, 2019.

VENUE:  Kenyatta University, Main Campus – Business and Student’s Service Centre (BSSC)

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