Creating the Change we want to see through ‘ A Digital Tourism Industry’

In every discussion on tourism in Africa, the easiest consensus to reach is that ‘ We do not know our tourism products’.

Since July 2020, the National Tourism Crisis Steering Committee has been working in collaboration with the GTRCMC-EA to consolidate information about the tourism product in Kenya.

The team wishes to utilize Blockchain, internet of things and AI to:

  1. Transfer the information collected into an App called ‘Kenya Booking’ . A team of 20 volunteer graduates of Tourism and Environment will be meeting 3 days per week for the next 2 months from 16/3/2021, at the GTRCMC-EA, KU to accomplish the transfer. We will then give product owners passwords to continuously update their content….
  2. The team is also working with HPASS Global to create QR codes for all tourism products in the country. This will assist in achieving contactless travel….
    The plan is to first
    Digitize every data available and create datasets for virtually everything possible within tourism industry.

Then next is to have people use the platform for searching and booking

Next is to create microservices and link tourism Industry with other services like banking through online payments, agriculture etc. This is very good data for tourism Satellite Accounts

By then we will be able to log and capture how people use the system, what they like, etc through alogarithms.

Then we use big data generated to create even more advanced machine learning alogarithms specific to our destination. This means we will have concrete, up-to-date and precisely reliable analysis and facts of our destination on almost everything.

Benefits of Digitizing Tourism for Kenya.

  1. Creation of tourism datasets ideal for Industry robustness
  2. A one stop shop for searching and booking Tourism products and Services
  3. Creation of microservices and interlinkage of tourism with other key sectors
  4. Easy data collection, analytics, research, prediction and planning
  5. Leverage on tourism bigdata for Artificial Intelligence advancement
  6. Destination Competitiveness and Visitor Experience Enhancement
  7. Create a model that can be replicated in the other 14 countries in Eastern Africa and other destinations by GTRCMC.

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