Tourism Products and Experiences Inventory in Kenya Mapping Project

The research project commissioned by the National Tourism Steering committee which started on July 2020 to July 2021 used geo-referenced online surveys to collect precise information on individual tourism products from throughout Kenya’s 47 counties in order to create a ‘Inventory of Tourism Products in Kenya.’

These products were categorised into eleven distinct survey categories which
captured detailed information on Activities, Attractions, Accommodation, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Tour Guides, Ecotourism Facilities, MICE Facilities, Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurants, Transportation and Ancillary Services. The data was later used by a team of researchers, well-trained in Geographical Information System at GTRCMC-EA to develop Geographical Maps, StoryMaps, WebMaps and WebApps presented in THE HUB (

THE HUB: Showcasing a tour activity locator

Mapping Project Goals

  1. Mapping of Tourism Resources: Mapping tourism activities using geographical information system, preservation and conservation, and digital interpretation.
  2. Experience capturing: This services offered in all destinations captured, their business models and traveller expectations.
  3. Digital Interpretation: This includes; visibility of tourism resources, cultural heritage, enhanced market segmentation, awareness and branding, and big data analytics.


Hon. Najib Balala, CS Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife at Kereita Forest featured on the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Story Map

The Story-maps created were categorized into 3 based on the thematic
areas from the survey conducted during the Tourism Products and Experiences Inventory in Kenya project in collaboration with the Kenya Tourism Board, and National Museums of Kenya.
These include:
(a) Thematic Areas.

These include those story maps that have been created based on the surveys
conducted in which the interactive web maps are displayed giving a full view of the various attractions. These story-maps include:

(b) Story-maps on the Tourism Circuits

This classification the country in form of circuits which then enable the end
user get an all-round tour experience, based on what each circuit has to offer. From this, story-maps created include: