Tourism Information Hub

The Tourism Crisis Management Information Hub is a portal within the repository that collects, maintains, and disseminates digital assets such as policy briefs, research papers, technical reports, conference/workshop/seminar papers, books, book chapters, and news articles.

Maintaining an information database is such a crucial aspect especially in recent times when the tourism industry is recovering from the effects of the Covid- 19 pandemic. The information hub data has been sourced from World Health Organization, World Tourism Organization, United Nations Environmental Programme, World Trade Organization , Tourism Boards of different countries, Tourism Ministries, NGOs, Destination
Management Organizations, Community Based Organizations etc.
This helps the Centre keep a record of what is happening in the tourism industry not only in the country but also globally, documenting what steps other countries are taking in mitigating the effects for benchmarking purposes and coming up with applicable policies and actions to be taken for the future of the tourism industry.


The repository which is under continuous update holding a vast database of information that are categorised in communities which include: