Rationale & Objectives


Studies have shown that COVID 19 has an enormous economic burden to the society and to the country. This includes cost of medical-related expenses per household, productivity loss from related morbidities and premature mortality.

It is expected that this conference will examine challenges and opportunities that that can be used to reduce exposure to COVID 19 and other related infections. Further, it will generate knowledge that will be used to develop and implement policies that will contribute towards reduction of the problem.



  1. To create synergies for improved partnership planning and implementing programmes for increasing to prevention of COVID 19 and related infections
  2. To promote sharing and implementation of best practices
  3. To identify strategies that can be leveraged to increase access to quality and responsive COVID 19 services
  4. To facilitate future action plans for improving access to preventive and management of COVID 19 related care
  5. To empower the community to take control of their health.