International conference on Promoting Health to Accelerate Action on Sustainable Development Goals


  1. COVID 19 and related health promotion Issues

This theme will focus on issues related to Covid-19 which include; origin, spread, prevalence, prevention, treatment, vaccination, economic dynamics, restrictions and containment measures, operational guidelines, world concepts on covid 19, Politics and Covid-19.

2. Healthcare systems and advocacy in health

The theme will focus on stakeholders’ participation in health care systems, resource mobilization, human resource management, infrastructure development, home care, private and public institutions, health insurance, medical care and welfare, health messages, communication of health messages.

3. Policy framework in health promotion

The theme will focus on existing policies, new policies, level of implementation of policies, gaps in the policies, challenges in the implementation of policies, stakeholders’ involvement in the policy formulation.

4. Control and management of diseases

The theme will focus on communicable and non-communicable diseases, causes, preventions and control of diseases (public health and nutrition), management, treatment, prevalence.

5. Healthier Lifestyle and Behaviour Change

The theme focuses on planning implementation and evaluation of various interventions that promote health lifestyles and behaviour change.

6. Social determinants of Health

The theme will focus on existing approaches that can be used to advance health equity and improving health outcomes. It also focuses on non-medical factors that influence health