27th – 28th June 2024

 Conference Centre Mode of Participation: Virtual



Kenyatta University has been in the forefront in providing solutions to social, economic and environmental problems to society through collaborative research. This is in tandem with the university mission which is to provide quality education and training, through knowledge generation, research, innovation, creativity and community service. Creative and critical inquiry and dissemination of research findings that inform policy decisions is paramount to the university.

In aligning its research agenda to that of the university mission, the School of Business,
Economics and Tourism embraces collaborative research and dissemination as a catalyst to solving global social, economic and environmental problems. As a result, the school promotes a dynamic research culture that enriches the academic experience of students. The school also endeavours to bring on board all stakeholders and partners to promote innovative ways across a broad array of disciplines to improve social, economic, environmental and cultural well being of all.

In the last five years, the School held successful international conferences with a robust
international and industry participation. The International Business Research and Industrial Conference (IBRIC) provides an opportunity for academia, researchers, industry and government players, to present and discuss new and interesting developments in their fields. The conference has provided a platform for strengthening relationships in knowledge sharing while at the same time providing the necessary thrust in joint research collaborations and product commercialization within the research community and beyond.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched in 2015 are applicable along three dimensions of sustainable development; economic, social and environmental. Among climate change and sustainable development decision makers and practitioners, the concept of transformational change has gained traction because radical changes are required to meet the global goals for climate and sustainable development. This requires a fundamental shift to innovative sustainable paradigms encompassing all the three dimensions. For this reason, there is an urgent need for a platform where researchers, policymakers and practitioners in different fields discuss innovative ways that can be adapted to address social, economic and environmental sustainability. The School of Business, Economics and Tourism will organise and host the sixth
(6th ) edition of the International Business Research and Industrial Conference (IBRIC) in collaboration and partnerships with key stakeholders from academia, research, industry and government, both local and international on the 27 th and 28 th of June, 2024 to provide a platform for the different stakeholders to share ideas, solutions and innovative ways of tackling problems towards sustainable social, economic and environmental development.