Key Note Speakers

Mussie Delelegn (PhD) He is the Head of Productive Capacities and Sustainable Development Branch of UNCTAD’s Division for Africa, LDCs and Special Programmes. He has has over 30 years’ experience on trade and development-related issues and is currently responsible for analytical, technical, and normative work of UNCTAD in support of developing countries in fostering productive capacities and structural economic transformation for achieving sustainable growth and development.  
 Over the years, he has also led the conceptualization, development, and implementation of various country-specific and regional projects, including the design and application of UNCTAD’s Productive Capacities Index (PCI), National Productive Capacities Gap Assessments (NPCGAs) and Holistic Productive Capacities Development Programmes in several developing countries, including Kenya. His work on development governance and resource economics at UNCTAD has led to the establishment of Regional Centers of Excellence (RCEs) in Africa and Asia.  Dr. Delelegn’s research areas include productive capacities building, structural economic transformation, marginalization, and anti-development bias of ethnic polarization in sub-Saharan Africa, private sector development, and understanding drivers of growth and development. He has published extensively on these topics, including, authoring the book “Africa-China partnership: A holistic analysis”, recently published by Routledge.