Maker Space and Light Manufacturing Facility

Kenyatta University received a grant of KShs. 90 Million for a Maker Space and Light Manufacturing Facility. It will be a pradise for makers that will entail high-tech workshop open to the public, which provides members with access to machines, tools and software as well as a creative community. With the new launch of Maker Space, Chandaria BIIC will cater to ambitious start-ups, active doers and creatives. It will offer a place to implement ideas and innovations in the form of prototypes and small batch production. Various work areas will be available, such as machine, metal and woodworking shops as well as textile and electrical processing facilities. In addition, 3D printers and laser and water jet cutters will make it possible to fabricate new shapes and to process every type of material. The Maker Space will offer training and consulting services as well as events for members with any level of knowledge, providing them with support and networking options.