Ecodudu is an agricultural based Startup whose objective is to solve problems associated with waste food and nutrient shortage through upcycling discarded food to create animal fertilizer and animal feeds. Ecodudu manufactures organic fertilizer by utilizing the black soldier fly technology. Their products are Dudu meal and Dudu soil.
Ecodudu is a winner of the African Entrepreneurship Award, Kenya National Innovation Agency Award and has hence utilized the awards towards upscaling his business.
He has currently employed 10 youths.



FlexPay Technologies provides a solution to customers enabling them purchase goods and services through a convenient flexible payment. The tech company offers an automated layaway platform that enables customers afford essential goods and services from merchants and service providers while paying in piecemeal or flexible installments conveniently via mobile phones.
Flexpay solution general unique feature is the ability to automate the existing traditional layaway platform of purchasing good and services which rely on manual and inconvenient methods. Whether online or offline, consumers get access s to the items or services they intend to acquire and make flexible payments over stipulated period of time
Flexpay has signed up 3 supermarkets and 12 electronic shops, transacting items worth 50 million Kshs in under nine months with 2000 active users. They have recently signed up Tuskys Supermarket, a major retail giant in Kenya with a client base of 4 million customers. The tech company also has been featured in Techstars, a global investment firm, as one of the top ten promising start ups in Africa. They have also been part of the annual 3 – months Barclays Accelerator that takes place in Cape Town South Africa. Contact:


Fintek is a digital platform that offers a market place, predictive farming, free tutorials with accurate weather information and analytics to farmers. Zalisha is a Swahili word that means growth. This company was established to help farmers nature and market their produce.



This is moisture Sensing Solar Powered Automated Irrigation Kit that is designed to provide farmers to alternative overreliance on rain fed agriculture.


Eco Hub focuses on the use of micro-organism for sustainable crop and waste management .The microbial component is added to Composting solid waste turning it into bioorganic fertilizer for use by farmers who will directly apply it onto the soil. The micro-organism is also suitable for Fermenting animal feeds for digestibility.



Cleanstar is soap manufacturing company that manufactures quality multipurpose soap from recycled cooking oil. The soap targets customers in hard water areas and lathers with glycerin and hard water. Located in Kahawa west the company has 6-10 employees. The company’s manager is Mr. Joseph Ngugi a young vibrant entrepreneur from Kenyatta University who went through the incubation process in Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Center to make his dream a reality. Website:
Joseph Ngugi Nyambura is a Mandela Washington Fellow and an alumni of the YALI East Africa.



AfricarTrack International is a security company that uses mobile phones and PC to solve transport related problems. The company solves problem associated with accidents, car-related crimes and high fleet-related costs by using GPS Tracking devices and Fleet management Solutions. AfricarTrack has been recognized internationally and has received awards in Africa, Asia, Europe and Canada for it’s unique, reliable and customer friendly system.
AfricarTrack International is a winner of the COMESA Innovation Award and the top 40 under 40 category.





 Savika Biojiko is an institutional friendly cook stove designed for use with pellets. The jiko is ecofriendly, affordable, efficient and can use alternative fuel types.


This is a platform that helps consumers verify whether products and services  are genuine before purchasing. The APP  seeks to help in the fight against counterfeiting. In partnership with pharmacy and poisons board of Kenya, Tambua is now able to help patIents verify whether pharmaceutical premises are registered and approved by the government before buying medicine on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and android platforms.



CodOrps limited is an ICT company that creates various software product with the main aim of creating video games. Other products are mobile applications, Ecommerce systems, simulation and animations. The company provides software quality assurance, server services, system integration services and web development services. The company can employ one to ten employees.


This is Media company whose products are to innovative website designing, web development, web hosting, domain registration, search engine optimization, branding and graphic designing.