Technology Transfer Office

The core role of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is to assist faculty, researchers, technicians and students in managing their intellectual assets in ways that facilitate their transformation into benefits for society. In doing this, the TTO helps to bridge the gap between research and innovation. This general role is defined into more specific ones that include:
• Establishing relationships with firms and community actors
• Generating new funding support from sponsored research or consulting opportunities
• Providing assistance on all areas related to entrepreneurship and intellectual property (IP)
• Facilitating the formation of university-connected companies utilizing university’s technology (start-up) and/or university people (spin-off) to enhance prospects of further development and
• Generating net royalties for the university and collaborating partners

In order to accomplish the above assigned roles, the TTO carries out a very variable range of activities relating to different channels of knowledge and technology transfer that involve a contract between the university and a third party. These channels include: collaborative research, contract research, consultancy, spin-off and start-up companies, incubator facilities, licensing, and patenting.

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