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Ecofriendly wastewater treatment using automated solar powered electrolysis cells

Brian Omaanya an undergraduate student at the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering is soaring high with an eco-friendly waste water treatment innovation. The innovation is a complete setup in which wastewater is channeled to an electrolysis cell. The coagulation and flocculation process occur with the current being applied, capable of removing small particles setting them into motion. The electrolysis cell consists of pairs of metal rods, electrodes, anodes and cathodes. Using the principles of electrochemistry, the cathode is oxidized (loses electrons), while the water is reduced (gains electrons), effectively treating the wastewater


Then the Arduino microprocessor triggers the power switch button of the electrolysis cell to commence the treatment of wastewater. The Arduino microcontroller is attached to sensors which control the quality and level of water being treatment. After a certain quality of water has been attained, the microcontroller will trigger the pump to pump water from the electrolysis cell at a slow rate. The system is solar controlled to ensure that the whole process utilizes the renewable source of energy. Currently the innovation is at the final stages of patenting facilitated by the Directorate of Innovation Incubation and University-Industry Linkages. Brian has exhibited and won accolades for his innovation, he was awarded 2nd Runners-Up Trophy for Outstanding Innovation in the University/Technical Institutes Category, during the IKOSAFI Innovation Competition organized by the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation. The Innovator also took of the KUBRIC 2019 Conference to showcase his innovation


“I had a chance to exhibit my innovation during this time. I was able to interact with many people from within the university and the industry. They appreciated this method of cleaning wastewater.”

Brian explaining his innovation during the Biennial Research and Innovation Conference held in October 2019 at KU-BSSC



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