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Film in Focus as Kenyatta University Researchers Visit Poland

A team of Five Kenyatta University members of academic staff in the Creative Arts disciplines is currently on a two-month academic and cultural secondment in Poland under a Horizon Europe project titled “Transcultural Perspectives of Art and Art Education”. The Team arrived in Poland on 1st June.

Led by Prof. John Mugubi from the Department of Communication, Media, Film and Theatre Studies, the team from KU is composed of Dr. Beneah Alwang’a Azangalala, a Lecturer in the department of Communication, Media, Film and Theatre Studies, Mr. Adonijah Ombura, who lectures in Textile Design, Ms. Anne Mwiti, a specialist in Painting who teaches in the department of Fine Art and Design and Clinton Kihima, a PhD candidate and Tutorial fellow in the area of Film, who travelled with the team as part of an Erasmus+ visit.  The team from KU is hosted by the Academy of Art in Szczecin (AAS), which is TPAAE’s lead partner.

During the visit, the scholars have given lectures on different facets of the aesthetics of African/Kenyan Art and facilitated workshops, exhibitions and film screenings. The team has also attended conferences and visited notable Film schools, Art and design Academies, and Film archives as part of their time in Poland.

From June 12-19, 2023, the researchers from Kenyatta University toured the city of Łodz and visited Sokołowsko village. Hosted by Prof. Aneta Pawlowska, the team toured the University of Łodz Faculty of Philology and its Department of Film and Audio-visual Media. At the University of  Łodz, Prof. John Mugubi from KU delivered a public lecture entitled “African Art as Ontological Cultural-Political Proclamations: A Case of the Kenyan Film”.

The team from KU also visited the world-famous Łodz Film School, the city’s Museum of Cinematography, the Academy of Fine and Design, the Museum of the City of Łodz, the Museum of Art, the Central Museum of Textiles, and the Herbst Palace Museum.

In the beautiful village of Sokolowsko, located in Lower Silesia, the KU team visited the Museum of Contemporary Art that the In Situ Foundation is creating from a legendary 19th-century sanatorium. KU researchers explored the Film Archive of noted Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski, whose Three Colours trilogy is among the films that gained him worldwide acclaim. Films made by KU staff and students were screened and discussed at the late director’s Centre in Sokolowsko in southwestern Poland, where the team also toured a gallery and art spaces.

From 26th June to 1st July 2023, the Kenyatta University team toured the capital city of Poland, Warsaw, for a number of activities. The team attended the 4th Congress of the Polish Film and Media Studies Association, 28th-30th of June 2023. The Conference was hosted by the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. During the visit to the Polish capital, the KU team also visited the Academy of Fine Arts and the Warsaw School of Film.

In July, KU researcher Anne Mwiti, who is obtaining her doctorate from the Academy of Art in Szczecin will present an exhibition of painting at the Academy’s R+ gallery that opens on July 13. The Exhibition will be part of her PhD work.

From Poland, the team will attend a Film Festival and Art Exhibitions in Berlin, Germany, from 29th to 31st July, before traveling back to Kenya on 1st August 2023.


Kenyatta University at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Warsaw with Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts (Further Left) and Former Rector of the Academy (Right)


Kenyatta University at the Warsaw Film School wtih Agnieszka Niburska, PR & Marketing Director - L-R - Mr. Adonijah Ombura, Prof. john Mugubi,Agnieszka Niburska, Clinton Kihima, Dr. Beneah Shapaya


Kenyatta University Team at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities for the Film Conference   L-R Prof. John Mugubi, Clinton Kihima, Dr. Beneah Shapaya


KU team at Lodz Film School, Poland


KU Team at University of Lodz, Poland with Dean and members of Staff in the Department of Film and Media Arts


KU Team Discussing Partnerships with Faculty at the Lodz Film School in Poland


KU team with Dean and Faculty members at the Academy of Art and Design in Lodz, Poland


Prof. John Mugubi & Clinton Kihima of KU getting a virtual reality experience during at the Film Conference in Warsaw


Prof. John Mugubi & Prof. Aneta Pawlowska, University of Lodz


Prof. John Mugubi and Clinton Kihima of Kenyatta University at the Academy of Fine Art  in Warsaw with the Dean, Fine Arts Prof. Grzegorz Niwinski (2nd Left) and Librarian Dr. Agnieszka Mwabasi (Extreme Right)

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