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Prof Simon Onywere of the Department of Environmental Planning and Management and who is also the Director, Research Dissemination and Uptake was featured in the current edition of the Directions Magazine. This is in a GEOINSPIRATIONS article under the headline: Simon Onywere Shining A Geospatial Light in East Africa and Beyond.

Among other articles, Directions Magazine publishes a series named "GeoInspirations" that celebrates those who have made positive, meaningful contributions to geography, GIS, and education, and, recognizes their contribution to the field. Directions Magazine has served the geography and geospatial community since 2004, and has grown to reach 80,000 readers per month. The feature on Prof. Onywere is based on an interview conducted by Dr. Joseph Kerski, who is an Education Manager at Esri USA and was based on responses to the following question:
1. What was the most important thing (class, book, person, event, or something else) that convinced you to enter the field of geography / geospatial tech?
2. What 1 person, class, or topic most inspired you during your career?
3. What project(s) are you the proudest of being a part of?
4. What is the most important thing you think we need to work on as the geography/GIS/higher education community?
5. What is your advice to a new geographer/surveyor/GIS professional/university faculty member?

Read the full feature on Prof Onywere here:

We salute Prof. Onywere and congratulate him for his achievements in the geospatial field and the inspiration he continues to offer the KU Research community.

The Examination is scheduled to be done between 22nd May 2017 to 2nd June 2017.
Students are advised to check the timetable carefully and report to the respective departments for additional unit(s). Such information should reach this office not later than Monday 17th April 2017

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This is to inform all students whose fee disbursement batches were belatedly received from HELB in the months of February and March 2017 , where the Vice-Chancellor had given them approval for them to register for units once the funds are received by the University; the students in the following batch can proceed and register.

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