Several training activities have been carried out at NPRC, and some are currently ongoing. NPRC staffs undergo continuous training on Quality Control techniques of herbal drugs. NPRC staffs have undergone training on operations of several instruments and equipment installed at the centre. These trainings have been attended by technical staff from other departments within Kenyatta University. Several postgraduate students from Kenyatta University and one from an external university have been trained on the use of advanced analytical techniques like GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, XRF, UV-Vis, FTIR and HPTLC. Undergraduate students from the School of Pharmacy undertook a practical shadowing on Quality Control and Chromatographic techniques at NPRC.

In the long term, the NPRC is working towards bridging the gap between research and industry, as well as create knowledge-based job opportunities through phytomedicines.

NPRC addresses the Kenya Big 4 Agenda by Promoting Universal Health Coverage through Manufacturing of Quality Herbal Medicine.

Current Activities in Phytotherapeutics at NPRC

Analytical Work

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of Active Ingredients in Pesticide Formulations
  • Phytochemical Screening of Secondary Metabolites in Herbal Products
  • Nutritional, Physical and Functional Properties of some grains
  • Quantification of Alkaloids in Vegetables
  • Identification of herbal products using macroscopic and microscopic techniques.

Upscaling and Processing Activities

  • Processing of Prunus africana powder
  • Essential oil from Lemon grass
  • Essential oil from Eucalyptus
  • Processing of Stinging Nettle powder
  • Processing of Sorghum grain powder
  • Fixed oils from Canola seeds
  • Fixed oils from Amaranth seeds
  • Fixed oils from Chia seeds
  • Fixed oils from Ground Nuts