The Director of NPRC is Prof Nicholas Kamindu Gikonyo (, who is the Principal Investigator and Coordinator of the NRF grant.

Staff at the Centre includes:

  1. Nicholas K. Gikonyo
  2. Esther M. Munyu                 
  3. Dennis M. Ngare                  
  4. Cecilia N. Muchiri    
  5. Florence M. Nzambi
  6. Catherine W. Njeru  
  7. Martin K. Murigi                  
  8. Diana Chebet            
  9. Antony M. Ndiritu   
  10. Catherine M. Macharia               

All NPRC members of staff are equipped with PPEs that include laboratory coats, gloves, cloc sandals, masks, hair nets and safety boots. The PPEs prevent the users from being affected by herbal materials and at the same time prevent contamination of herbal products.