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Kenyatta University continues to provide an enabling environment to support innovation though the Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Centre (Chandaria-BIIC) which was launched in July 2011 to support new and innovative ideas from Kenyans. Below are some three highly innovation ideas with high promise.



 "Greener Planet"



Chemolex ltd is a green start-up company based in Nairobi, Kenya with an aim of providing low income off-grid rural households with clean and affordable home lighting system

Chemolex produces rechargeable solar batteries. Chemolex started its piloting in Gem Yala, western part of Kenya in September 2015 upon receipt of grant fund out of competition that was run by Smart villages.

With the 3,000 US Dollars grant they set up a 1 kw solar charging station and acquired home lighting systems covering 60 households. The systems consisted of rechargeable batteries, energy saving lamps and mobile phone charging devices.



Sirius Systems




During night travel headlights use is very important, however this very important tool poses a threat to drivers driving on two-way traffic roads. As has been the norm, drivers are expected to be courteous and dim their head lights when there is an oncoming car, unfortunately this rarely happens.

Diming headlights manually, every now and then can become horribly laborious and troublesome, especially while driving in stressful conditions and on dangerous highways.

It is due to this that the idea of having an automatic headlight control system in place to save the driver the headache of having to do this manually every time there is oncoming traffic came into place.







 Crypto Kenya is a company that specializes in creating applications that ensures the safety of our client's documents (coding and encoding messages) with the realization of our latest application CryptoCipher. We are committed in making sure your documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Providing data security services through our application CryptoCipher, Upgrading Crypto cipher to ensure it meets the users need and is up to date, Storing sensitive information for clients.







 This involves making a fertilizer from Astrolepis Cochisensis that grows in dry areas and found plenty in Kenya. This plant has a higher affinity for water and therefore is able to provide adequate water for the plant to survive during dry period. It also acts as a pesticide since its odor and content founds repels those pests that may negatively affect the plant.

The plant acts as a fertilizer as it contains nutrients rich in nitrogen and potassium. The entire plant is rich in nutrients which are the leaves, roots and seeds of the plant.



Mega Gas Enterprises




 The innovation focuses on gas production using polythene papers. The gas can be used in households .This innovation reduces environment pollution through waste management. It has been patented with the gas currently undergoing testing at the Kenya Bureau of Standards to ascertain its safety.



 Chimera Inc




Chimera Inc is a Kenyan startup that focuses on internet-of-things, artificial intelligence & big data applications. Currently the company is developing a revolutionary ZigBee-based smart home system.

Chimera Inc rigorously designed the system by considering the most convenience user experience, lowering the requirements to be installed in any housing construction and without damaging the original house decoration.

The startup is working towards making homes secure and brighter. 



Potato Waste Plastics



This is about generating bio plastics packaging materials. The bio plastics packaging will replace the non biodegradable plastic materials that pose an environmental challenge. This innovation seeks to improve the value chain of potatoes while creating employment.





Clean Star 




CLEANSTAR CO. LTD manufactures soap from waste cooking fat by recycling the oil and reacting it with lye to make quality bar soap. The bar soap is highly efficient in areas with hard water and currently used in Naivasha, Olekasasi, Muranga and all over Rongai region.

The company is working to make organic bar soap ranging from neem to avocados, lemon and so on. Currently, Chandaria Incubation Centre is working towards improving the product to face the stiff competition in market, giving business advisory services, and company registration and office space provision.






 Simuka Smart Company Limited is a young startup company established in October 2014. The company strives to offer innovative solutions on a day to day security issues, the smart car alarm uses up to date technology providing personalized security control for vehicle owners using simply their smart phones.

The company has a working product which is patented, registered and currently seeking investors.








Bitsoko is an Android mobile wallet that implements Blockchain technology in a bid to both remove the cost of transferring money between two individuals and to increase access to payment services. Our approach integrates Blockchain technology into the current mobile money platform in Africa and service providers, allowing access of funds to be sent from the developed world through Bitcoin to be received as mobile money. By integrating specific services such as energy providers, paying bills, payroll solutions for merchants in Kenya, we hypothesize that these easy-to-use services will create a system that can support small scale payments in all aspects of financial lives.

These solutions to lower the costs of sending and spending funds can provide the stability and empowerment for further solutions and innovations to be created on our open development platform. We can replicate our services to integrate Blockchain with mobile money in East Africa throughout the continent and the rest of the world.




african track


AfricarTrack International



 This is a system developed and uses mobile phones and PCs to solve transport problems. The Innovation addresses amongst others:
1. Accidents Menace – Where over 1.2 million people in Africa perish due to road accidents alone each year with over 45 million left hospitalized. Road carnage is also a major problem in our country Kenya especially in the Matatu sector.
2. Car-related crime such as car hi-jacking, stealing of vehicles, and theft of car parts when left at the parking.
3. High fleet-related costs incurred by government institutions and companies due to poor management of their vehicles.

1. The company Won COMESA Innovation Award 2014/2015 during the Head of States & Governments summit in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
2. Publication of the innovation twice in the Business Daily, (December 4th 2014 and March 8th 2015)
3. The Next Big Thing 2015 Award Finalist.





Toto Tech Company



High-tech prenatal and postnatal solutions to reduce infant mortality rates in Africa and offering products and services for best baby care experience. This is a B- Mode ultrasonography used to give real time information of the arterial diameter thickness .It’s wide medical application and thickness including detecting vein and umbilical cord blockage may be useful in this place .In this case I intend to use the ultra sound with no imaging, just to detect any substantial decrease in tracheal diameter and raise an alarm in turn.

Small babies choking due to food or hazardous objects usually have their airways partially or completely blocked  due to the esophageal pressure caused by the objects pressing towards the anteriorly  lying trachea .The ultrasound will therefore  detect both blockage in change in diameter. The BASK will be made in a simple way such that it is as light as possible and can be worn around
the neck especially when the baby is being fed or playing.






Salsy Innovate ltd





Salsy Innovate ltd is a technology firm providing payment systems mainly to schools, colleges and universities. In this we provide:

  • Student I.D cards that function as student identification material, Visa powered payment card, royalty card to retail outlets as well as a near field connection gate pass.
  • Point of sale devices in the school canteens/kiosks as well accounts office.
  • Other payment systems including the softwares and platform.

We have partnered with a number of strategic partners including  banks and retail outlets to ensure quality and innovative products for our customers.
By the end of November 2014, 46 schools had signed up to us the card system. This was one month after going to the market.




Solar Vista Company




The innovation entails design, production, installation and maintenance of innovative Solar Water Heating Systems. It uses new technology that enhances the heating capability of existing solar water heating systems.

The unique feature of this product is to provide users with hot water that can be used directly, without having to rely on a kerosene stove, charcoal, gas cooker and electric cooker or to meet other needs of hot water reliably at a low cost. The product is also designed to enable users control the degrees of heat of delivered in order to suit the need for hot water.