Prof. Phillip W. Rudd


Prof. Phillip W. Rudd from Pittsburg State University, Kansas, USA is visiting as a Fulbright scholar at the Institute of African Studies where he share and explore his research interest covering Second Language Acquisition; Pragmatics; English linguistics; Ecolinguistics; Contact Linguistics; and African Linguistics.

Prof. Rudd earned his PhD from Ball State University, Indiana and his dissertation focused on determining what kind of language Sheng (Nairobi’s urban vernacular) is and its linguistic features. SHENG: THE MIXED LANGUAGE OF NAIROBI, he received a distinguished dissertation award and has gone ahead and written articles and done several conferences presentation on Sheng

During his stay research will focus on Modern Citizenship in Kenya which examines the construction of identity in Kenya. The research is a buildup on Schneider’s dynamic model of how an underlying process of identity reconstruction occurs in postcolonial contexts around the globe which will be applied to the basic developmental scenario of Kenya.

This model proposes that postcolonial identity is a parameter of negotiation, a social construct in which sociopsychological identity reconfigurations reflect sociolinguistic realities that have linguistic ramifications, such as language variability and dialect birth.