I am delighted to have graduated with first class honors in BSc. Agribusiness Management during the Kenyatta University’s 47th Graduation. I thank God for this achievement and the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development fraternity for their immense support, selfless guidance and motivation throughout the training period with special recognition of staff at the Agricultural Economics Department.

The favorable learning environment and facilities as provided by Kenyatta University contributed much to my success. It is at Kenyatta University where I have been molded into a well-rounded professional ready to face the job market.

I look forward to benefit more from the University once I enroll for MSc. Agribusiness Management program soon.

God bless Kenyatta University!

Jackine Jumba Kiptirmet
BSc. Agribusiness Management (1st Class Honors, 2019 Class)

“I’m proud for earning my Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from Kenyatta University (KU); one of the best Universities in Kenya and among the top in Africa.   Pursuing my Doctoral studies at the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development (SAED) was not only exiting but also exposed me to very high professional standards in research. I’m particularly grateful to the staff....."

Dr.SoulkifoulyMidingoyiAgrweb  Dr. Soul-kifouly G. Midingoyi
  Ph.D in Agricultural Economics(From Benin)

Graduating with Masters in Agronomy is one of the notable milestones in my life that I will forever remain grateful to God. I specifically appreciate the selfless guidance and motivation from my supervisors and the Department of Agricultural Science and Technology (AST). The favourable learning environment in School of Agriculture and Enterprise development (SEAD) greatly contributed to successful completion of this journey. SAED is a unique School in Kenyatta University where creative minds in agricultural disciplines are discovered and nurtured. I am a proud alumni of Kenyatta University. God bless Kenyatta University.

Ms. Rosepiah Munene
(MSc. of Science (Agronomy)

 “I’m proud to have successfully graduate with a BSc. Animal Health and Production Degree (2nd Class Honours-Upper Division) from School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development (SAED). Through my studies in this program, I was able to appreciate Agriculture as a profession particular when it comes to Animal Welfare matters which also inspired me to desire to pursue my career further in this field. SAED gave me an orientation in research and ambulatory programs. Kenyatta University is a fantastic Institution where I developed professional and social networks besides the professional endowment which have collectively opened so many opportunities around my life. I’m now confident I will be of much use in the Corporate World as I advance my professionalism even as I corporate with Kenya Veterinary Board in upholding and propagating veterinary standards in Kenya.”

Ms. Loise Wanjiku Kamau
(BSc. Animal Health and Production ( 2nd Class Honours-Upper Division))

“It’s with great gratitude and humility to Almighty God and the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development (SAED) fraternity for enabling me to graduate with a First Class Honours Degree in BSc. Agricultural Education and Extension(AGED). This enabled me to emerge as the most outstanding student during Kenyatta University’s 43rd graduation. Being among the pioneer cohort of the course, I attribute my success to the tireless efforts of SAED lecturers, and my fellow classmates who were both dedicated and supportive. This made my life in Kenyatta University full of inspiration and fun. It’s with great satisfaction that I recommend to aspiring students to enroll for BSc.(AGED) program that professionally qualifies one to become a teacher and agricultural extension officer. Moreover it opens avenue to a variety of disciplines for further studies. ”

Mr. Moses Mwangi Ngugi
(BSc. Agricultural Education and Extension (First Class Honours))

“I must say that I am very proud to have graduated top of my class with First Class honors in Bsc( Crop Improvement and protection) from school of Agriculture and Enterprise Development (SAED) 2017.  Am thankful to the lecturers in the department of Agricultural Science and Technology for their dedication to ensure that I’m molded into a competitive agricultural scientist and an upcoming plant pathologist. This is the best school to be for anyone willing to become academically and professional competitive in the job market. “

MsCatherineNyaguthiiDenis Gitonga
(BSc. Crop Improvement and Protection- First Class Honors)

“I’m grateful to God for attaining a Master of Science (Agronomy) Degree from Kenyatta University. I’m particular grateful that this achievement was facilitated by the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development which provided a conducive environment for my studies and research. I also acknowledge the invaluable support by my supervisors in the department of Agricultural Science and Technology who guided me through my course. I’m committed to apply the discipline I have attained through this journey in my career as a researcher. Thank you Kenyatta University! “

MsCatherineNyaguthiiMs. Mathenge Nyaguthii Catherine
(MSc. Agronomy graduate)

“Kenyatta University is a place where you find a combination of learning and fun. I’m glad to have been molded in the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development through the wise counsel of my lecturers. By this support, guidance, my determination and God’s grace I was able to overcome the most eminent challenges that I faced as a student to appoint of graduating with a First Class Honors degree .I attest to any prospective student that Kenyatta University has the resources and the capacity to transform students into respectable members of the society.“

MrJosephOmagwaMr. Joseph Omagwa
(BSc. Crop Improvement and protection graduate)

“I am extremely honored to be an outstanding alumni of Kenyatta University having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Resource Management-Second Class Honors-Upper Division). I’m grateful to the dedicated staff in the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development who selflessly supported and guided me though my studies. I owe my entire success to them and the conducive environment the University has created for learning. Through this support my journey as a student which would otherwise would have been difficult was made easy and extremely pleasant. I’m now prepared to contribute positively into the agricultural sector in our country. God bless Kenyatta University."

MsBrendaChelangatMs. Brenda Chelangat
(Bsc. Agricultural Resource Management graduate)

“I’m grateful to be a MSc. Agronomy student at Kenyatta University in the School of Agriculture and Enterprise development (SAED) where my skills in scientific research have been developed through the invaluable instructions, guidance and supervision of the teaching staff in Agricultural Science and Technology (AST) Department. Consequently, I have gained confidence which enabled me present a paper during the 4th Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa (SASA) conference which was held in August 2016 at Kenyatta University. I’m very proud to have won the Gold certificate in 2016 Research Excellence and Fellowship Award (REFA), having been the best presenter overall during the SASA conference2016. The award was accompanied with US$ 3,000 sponsorship to enable me travel and present a poster at a scientific conference to any country of my choice around the globe. This has motivated me to desire to excel in research work to doctorate level and beyond. As a student I attest to my fellow students and any prospective student that Kenyatta University has the resources, systems and staff necessary to transform us into great people in our nation through training and mentorship“

MsMarthaOdhiambo Ms. Martha Odhiambo
(MSc. Agronomy)

“First and foremost is to give my sincere gratitude to SAED and ABMT for offering the necessary support in terms of supervision and guidance enabling me to complete my studies successfully. Through my studies, I have been able to acquire invaluable knowledge in research. The process of attaining my Master’s Degree, which could have been demanding, was simplified by very cooperative and supportive staff at the Graduate school, School of agriculture and Enterprise Development and at the Departmental level. Once again, thank you for the support and guidance through my studies. “

MrMateMr. Mate Harold M.
(MSc. Agribusiness Management)

“I am glad to be a Kenyatta University alumnus. Though the journey was tough, through God’s mercy, support from my family, my dedicated lecturers, supervisors and the non-teaching staff at  the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development I have come this far. My achievement has placed me a rank higher towards attainment of my goals and also inspired many. I feel great and welcome potential students to Kenyatta University’s variety of courses offered in favorable modes of study by committed lectures and in a conducive environment. God bless you all.“

MsOnderiMs. Onderi Josephine Nyabonyi 
(MSc. Land and Water Management)

“As an alumnus of Kenyatta University, I feel so proud to have graduated from the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development with a Master of Science Degree in Plant Breeding. I owe this success to the School’s devotion in thorough research work coupled with adequate facilities and training. The immense skills and knowledge on plant breeding I have acquired in Kenyatta University through SAED are very handy in revitalizing agriculture and enhancing food security both within and outside the boundaries of this great nation. For the upcoming plant breeders, Kenyatta University is the place to be. “

MrChemwenoMr. Chemweno Jacob Kiprop
(MSc. Plant Breeding)

“I must say am glad to have graduated top of my class with a First class honors in BSc. Crop Improvement and Protection year 2016. The school of Agriculture and enterprise Development, department of Agriculture science and technology has equipped me with both theoretical and technical skills in agricultural science and instilled in me the zeal to develop my career higher in the field of agricultural science and technology. I feel confident and competent as I approach both global and local job market as a graduate from the school of Agriculture and enterprise development. I am truly indebted to my lectures from AST department, and the management team for the good coordination in the school which made it conducive for learning. It was a pleasure being in this school. “

MsMwangiNyamburaMs. Mwangi Grace Nyambura
(BSc. Crop Improvement and Protection; First Class Honors)

“I am proud to have studied in Kenyatta University’s School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development where innovative and creative minds in Agricultural Sciences are nurtured. I have acquired enormous wealth of experience during my PhD studies in the school by interacting with great professors who guided me as I interacted with real life situation during practicals and research in the course of my studies. I would recommend the school to anyone interested in pursuing post graduate studies in Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Resources Management and Agricultural Science and Technology disciplines in the various areas of specialization. “

DrNichoreShemBonukeDr Nichore Shem Bonuke
Ph.D Plant Pathology 2016

“Registering for my post graduate study at Kenyatta University, School of Agriculture & Enterprise Development was the best decision I ever made in my life. Though it has not been smooth sailing, there were ups and downs along the way, I appreciate the team of leading experts who burnt their midnight oil to see me succeed and achieve this prestigious MSc degree in Agribusiness Management and also prepared me very well to head the department of Agricultural economics at KALRO, Coffee Research Institute.“

MsMuriithiLucyWanjikuMs. Muriithi Lucy Wanjiku
MSc. Agribusiness Management, 2016

“I take this time to thank GOD for the great things he has done for me in the last four academic years .It started as a humble beginning but I did not know that later I would make it to greater heights. Attaining First Class Honours in BSc. Animal Health and Production offered in the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development was not easy. My passion for agriculture helped me to stand out and my lectures encouraged me to continue pressing on. I would like to encourage students in the School of Agriculture that it is possible to attain highest grade. My special thanks to the whole school and Kenyatta university administration.“

MrLinusKiriungiWamaeMr. Linus Kiriungi Wamai
BSc. Animal Health and Production, 2016

“I graduated with a PhD degree in Agribusiness Management in 2015. In addition, I published six papers in refereed journals and one policy brief. At the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development, PhD research topics are tailored to address priority challenges in the agricultural sector in order to improve livelihoods in line with Kenya Vision 2030. Kenyatta University has over the years been ranked among the top 100 Universities in Africa. By choosing to study at the School of Agriculture, you chart a global career that will position you to contribute to the economic development of African economies, majority of which are dependent on Agriculture. A supportive scholarship environment with a dedicated team of supervisors is readily available when you seize the earliest opportunity to enroll.

DrSimonWanjalaDr. Simon Wanjala
PhD, Agribusiness Management, 2015

“Well, I did it. I accomplished one of the major early milestones of my life: Masters of Science in Agronomy. This is a major step in the journey of my life, one that should be recognized for its immense significance. It is an act not only of personal commitment, but also one’s pride. But graduation is not an end goal in itself; it is instead a part of the larger journey of life. Wherever your future takes you, let it take you somewhere. Life is a journey, and all accomplishments achieved should be taken as a starting point for further achievements. I took the first step by being in Kenyatta University; School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development, Department of Agricultural Science and Technology, it’s time to take the next steps in the journey that is life and begin to build the future.

JoelOgemboOgembo Joel Oyaro
MSc. Masters of Science in Agronomy, 2015

It gave me immense joy to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Agribusiness. This joy was coupled with yet another milestone of being selected as the best undergraduate graduand during the 39th Graduation Ceremony at Kenyatta University. At first it was unimaginable but for sure my hard work had finally paid off. This good performance gave me an opportunity to read the Students’ Speech during the graduation Ceremony. This experience gave me an opportunity to share a platform with the University’s Management, distinguished and invited guests, Professors and Lecturers who graced the event. I would wish to express my sincere gratitude to Kenyatta University and the School of Agriculture for giving me an opportunity to pursue my dream and achieve such an academic profile.

BSc. Agribusiness, 2015

“It was truly an honor and unforgettable. President Obama is awesome and approachable. It was a humbling experience to meet and listen to this great man who is an exemplary achiever in life, who realized his dreams by believing that there is a bright side to every situation; and believed that it is in our power and determination to change every bad situation”.

KILONZOFrancis m. Kilonzo.
Bsc. Agribusiness management Fourth year second semester

“I got a chance to shake President Obama’s hand which until his visit was truly a next to impossible experience for me. That alone made me feel like a leader. Meeting the U.S President was like a dream prompting mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety as I could hardly visualize myself near the world’s most powerful person”.

CHACHAJeremiah kitheka
Bsc. Agribusiness management Fourth year second semester

I am very grateful to KU for the opportunity to participate in the Student Exchange Program through the HAAGRIM Intra-ACP (Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Programme) mobility scheme where I was placed in the University of Mauritius for six (6) months. The exchange program gave me the opportunity to acquire great skills essential in my career growth and development. I was exposed to the agribusiness sector in Mauritius through interactions with friends and colleagues in the University of Mauritius and at Meaders Feeds Ltd. where I was placed for my industrial training. This opportunity nurtured my aspirations of becoming an Agricultural Scientist and Agribusiness Professional.Again, ASANTE SANA Kenyatta University

JEREMIAH Amos Chacha
Msc. In agribusiness management

Maximum quality studies and excellence which blossoms from lab practices, field academic tours and great lecturers, who practically teach agriculture as an enterprise. The school has met my expectations and guided my career path and led me towards realization of my dreams as a professional agriculturalist.

Peterson Dereba

I’m thankful to God who allowed me to pursue my MSc at KU and gain such tremendous knowledge in ISFM. I was able to teach at the National University of Rwanda (Faculty of Agriculture) and at the High Institute of Agriculture and Animal husbandry before joining the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) in 2013. I will now be pursuing my PhD in Agroforestry at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). I appreciate the contribution of my lectures from ARM who have turned me into a fellow.

Alain Ndoli
Student Alumni