Qualifications:Bachelor of Commerce, MBA,AKIM, PhD ( Strategic Management)

Position: Lecturer, City Campus

Department: Business Administration

Contact Address: P.O. Box 102022 , 00101 Nairobi

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Area of Specialization
Strategic Management

Research Interests

 Corporate Governance, Globalization, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Social Security, Education & Meritocracy, Economic, Growth, Media and National Expectations, Small Businesses and its growth, Technology Transfer and New Product Development, Business Process Reengineering. Health Economics, Knowledge transfer.


1. Nahashon Langat & Mary Karuri ,2015, Effect of talent management on employee outcomes: a case study of Central Bank of Kenya 2312-9492,Strategic Journal of Business & Change Management, Vol  No 1 (2015)
2. Nahashon Langat & Kiprop Kibos, 2015 ,Effect of media convergence on the growth of medium enterprises in Kenya
3. Nahashon Langat & John Mwangi ,2015 ,Theoretical underpinnings of organizational politics
4. Nahashon Langat & Obadiah Wagara ,2015, Balanced Scorecard on Performance measure: A theoretical review
5. Nahashon Langat & Joshua M Getuno ,2015, Theoretical Underpinnings of Organizational Information Technology
6. Nahashon Langat &Lilian W. Muyah, 2015 ,Theoretical Underpinnings of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Consultancy Undertaken

  1. World Agroforestry Centre – ICRAF, Financial Service Unit
  2. International Centre for Research in Agro forestry (ICRAF)
  3. October 2009 – March 2011
    TASK: To review the project imprest management of AHI (African Highland Initiative) Office in Uganda between June 2007 and September 2010. This is to identify the inconsistencies established in the records maintained in the given period.
  4. Transition Authority,2015,Team Leader Audit, Defunct Municipal Council