Name:Dr. Rosemarie Wanyoike
Title/Qualification: PhD
Department:Business Administration
Designation/Position: Lecturer
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Address: 43844-00100 Nairobi

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Dr. Rosemarie Wanyoike holds an earned PhD in Human resource Management (Kenyatta University), MSC (Human Resource Management) (JKUAT) and BSc (A) (International Business Management from United States International University, Kenya. I am a Full Member of Institute of Human Resource Management. In addition Dr. R. Wanyoike is a current Chairman Board of Management at Naivasha Girls Secondary school and a member of Rotary club of Ruiru. I have over 9 years’ experience in teaching, research and training in areas of Human resource management and Development specifically in the areas of industrial relations, change management, performance management, organizational power and politics and research. In addition I also serve as an internal examiner of MBA Projects, MSc and PhD thesis.


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Conference Papers 

  • Thumbi N. P., Bula H. & Wanyoike R. (2020) Knowledge Acquisition and Information Distribution: Examining the Nexus and Effect on Employees’ Performance in Classified Hospitality Firms in Kenya. Presented at Graduate Hub International Virtual Conference 23rd November, 2020
  • Wanyoike R.W. (2019) Quality management practices and performance of manufacturing companies in Kenya. Presented at 1st   International business research conference, (IBRIC). 20th -21st  June 2019
  • C. Cherutto & R.W. Wanyoike (2020). Workforce diversity and organizational performance: A case study of Kenya tea development agency in Nairobi City. Presented at 2nd International business research conference (IBRIC), 3rd -4th Dec 2020.