Entry Requirements
The following shall be eligible for admission into BHRM programme.
i. Mean grade of KCSE C+ or equivalent with at least C in Mathematics and English.
ii. A-Level certificate with 2 principal passes and a credit pass in Mathematics at ‘O’ Level
iii. Degree from a recognized university.
iv. Mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE and C (plain) in Mathematics and English plus a Diploma in Human Resource Management and/or a diploma relevant to disciplines in business from an institution recognized by Kenyatta University Senate.
v. Mean grade of C- (C Minus) at KCSE plus a certificate and a diploma in Human resource management and/or a certificate and diploma relevant to disciplines in business from an institution recognized by Kenyatta University Senate.

Programme Structure and Duration
i. The Programme shall take a minimum of three years and a maximum of four years for fulltime students.
ii. The Programme shall take a minimum of four years and maximum of six years for part time students.
iii. The Programme consists of a total of forty nine (49) units.
iv. Students are expected to take seven units the first semester, first year and six units in the other consecutive semesters.
v. Students will take a maximum of seven (7) and minimum of three (3) coursework units per semester.

The final written examinations will constitute 70% of the total marks while the continuous assessment tests (CATS) and assignments will constitute 30%. Pass mark for all units shall be 40%. Research projects and field attachments shall be assessed out of 100%. The final classification of the diploma will be based on all the eighteen (18) units taken during the programme. The total score will be based on cumulative score average to arrive at the following final classification: 70% up to 100 (Distinction), 60% - 69% (Credit One), 50 % - 59% (Credit Two), 40% - 49% (Pass). A candidate who fails in any course shall be allowed to re-sit the unit when it is next on offer. A candidate can only have three re-sits per unit. A candidate who fails in all the units offered in a semester shall be discontinued.

The certificate to be awarded is designated: Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM)

Units Codes and Titles
UCU 100: Communication Skills
UCU 101: Development Studies/ UCU 106: Ethics, Citizenship & Diversity
UCU 103: Critical Thinking
BBA 100: Business Studies
BBA 101: Business Law I
BBA 102: Principles of Management
BAC 100: Fundamentals of Accounting I
ASC 100: Introduction to Sociology
BHM 110: Motivation and Stress Management
EPS 100: Introduction to Psychology
BHM 111: Career Guidance and Management
BHM 113: Human Resource Computer Interaction
BHM 114: Business Ethics
BBA 200: Organization Behaviour
APS 203: Cross-Cultural Psychology
BHM 221: HR Policy Analysis and Management
BHM 222: Organization Development
BHM 223: Organisational Learning and Innovation
BHM 224: Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis
BHM 225: Conflict Management
BHM 226: Pensions Management
BHM 227: Corporate Governance in Human Resource Management
BHM 228: Leadership Development and Management
BHM 229: Labour Laws
BMS 202: Risk Management
BHM 301: Human Resource Management I
BHM 324: Human Resource Information Systems
BHM 308: Human Resource Management II
BHM 309: Employee Training and Development
BBA 311: Business Communication
BBA 312: Office Management
BHM 314: Public Relations
BHM 320: Recruitment and Staffing
BHM 322: Work and Reward
BHM 323: Performance Management
BSU 305: Research Methods
BBA 300: Organization Theory
HRS 448: Managing Diverse Work Force
BHM 447: Strategic Human Resource Management
BHM 406: Industrial and Labour Relations
BHM 420: Contemporary Issues in human resource management
BHM 408: Employee Counselling and Crisis Management
BBA 410: Total Quality Management
BHM 422: Industrial Psychology
BHM 421: Occupational Health, Safety and welfare
BHM 423: Sociology of Work Management and Employment
BHM 446: International Human Resource Management
BHM 401: Change Management
BHM 450: Industrial practicum