Name:Dr. Emmanuel Shikuku Tsikhungu
Title/Qualification: PhD
Department: Communication, Media, Film and Theatre Studies
Designation/Position: Lecturer
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Address: 43844-00100 Nairobi


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Refereed journals

  • Tsikhungu, E.S., Olofu, E.N, & Suki, W.N. (2019). Participatory Approach to Theatre for Development Experience for Sustainable Change in Makutano, Meru County Kenya (2016). Journal of East African Theatre 1(1).
  • Tsikhungu, S. E. (2020). Changing Spectres: Interweaving Loops in Kenyan Theatre. Hybrid Journal of Literary and Culture Studies, 2(1), 40-54. Retrieve from
  • Tsikhungu, E.S., & Minishi, O. (2020). Theatre as a Campaign Tool against Drug and Substance Abuse in Selected Kenyan Schools Plays. AJADA (African Journal of Alcohol & Drug Abuse. 4(1), 50-58

Book chapters

  • Tsikhungu, E. S. (2019). The Urban Film Narrative as a Space of Linguistic Hybridity in Africa, in Taiwo, T. & Schmied, J. (eds.).African Youth Languages and the Rural-Urban Divide.  Gottingen: Cuvillier Verlag, pp.155-162
  • Tsikhungu, E. S. (2015).  Sweetening the Didactic Pill: Edutainment strategies in four children’s biographies by Ezekiel Alembi.’ In Tsikhungu, E. S., Barasa, P., & Khaemba, P.S. (eds.) (2015). Intersections of Literature, Theatre Arts and Education; Essays in Memory of Ezekiel Alembi. Nairobi: East African Educational Publishers.pp.39-53
  • Tsikhungu, E. S. (2011). Style and Child-centredness in Five Kenyan Plays.’ In Makokha, J.K.S., et. al. East African Literature; Essays in Written and Oral Traditions. Berlin: Logos Verlag, (Pp.469-492).   

Conference papers

  • Tsikhungu, E. S. (2019). The University Curriculum and the Creative Economy: The Case of Training Theatre Artists in Kenyan Universities. In Akuno, E., Otieno, S. & Diang’a R. (eds.). Proceedings of the 2nd Arts, Education and Community Engagement Conference. Nairobi. pp 25-29